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You’re a Lawyer, Not a Tech Pro

Outsourced IT Means Better Performance, Efficient Case Management, and Increased ROI

In the legal industry, managed IT service providers help law firms and corporate legal departments by improving their access to information technology and automated processes to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Lawyer Tech Pro

In an online business environment where cyberattacks and other threats increase on a daily basis, the mitigation of cybersecurity risks is an important concern for law firms of all sizes.

Managed IT service providers provide all the benefits of technology with the vital management of cybersecurity risks that law firms need to operate safely online.

Here are five ways that managed IT services firms can leverage your technology and improve your ROI:

1. Reduce Labor Costs to Focus on What You Do Best

Most law firms don’t have the professional capacity to dedicate an entire department to IT, and with the many outsourced IT options available, they shouldn’t have to. Outsourcing your IT department means your in-house staff can focus on growing your business and managing your client’s legal issues without the added stress of managing the cybersecurity and technology issues as well.

2. Outsourced IT Means Dedicated IT Experts Working for You

Experience increased uptime and a more sophisticated approach to cybersecurity with managed IT. By leaving your IT to the experts, you ensure that your firm receives consistently updated security patches, critical software updates, and mitigation of cybersecurity risks that are essential to a secure online data management.

3. Business Continuity Planning For Increased Uptime

Most firms work on multiple cases at a time, which translates to many sensitive documents being handled at once across a variety of platforms. When you work with a managed IT services provider, you enter into an agreement that the MSP will ensure a systematic approach for document and case management software.

Your MSP should also offer disaster recovery strategies couched in effective business continuity planning so that when issues do arise, they don’t stop your productivity in its tracks.

4. Managed IT Services Means One-Stop for All Your Technology Support Needs

With a dedicated managed IT services partner, all of your technology needs are accounted for under one roof. This means you get data security and productivity tools managed by one team that knows your business inside and out. Your MSP is your technology partner for all your data, application, and cybersecurity needs.

5. Legal-Centric Managed IT Services Provides the Ultimate Technology ROI

When you leverage your firm’s technology with a managed service provider who has specific expertise in the legal realm, you gain innovative management and customization of your legal software and applications. These legal-specific apps help increase your firm’s productivity and efficiency and benefit from your IT team’s dedicated focus on important cybersecurity and ethical considerations that are specific to law firms.

To truly optimize your legal technology ROI, consider working with a provider that has specialized experience in the business of running a law practice. Evaluate the benefits of contracting with an outsourced legal managed IT service provider that has experience managing large amounts of critical data at multiple data centers both on and off-site, and ensure that your MSP is familiar with and certified in the latest data security protocols expected of law firms.

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