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Wireless Networking Assessments In Kingston and Brockville

Wireless Networking Assessments In Kingston and Brockville

One of the best services you can do for your business regarding growth and accuracy is completing a wireless networking assessment. An understanding of what a company needs for its network is done through a wireless networking assessment. This assessment is completed at the beginning of a partnership between an IT team and their client so that they have an accurate determination of the services that are needed. When you agree to the wireless networking assessment, the IT team will go through each part of your infrastructure to determine what is working and what isn’t regarding your business.

Reviewed Data for the Assessment

When a wireless network assessment is performed, a variety of data is taken into account. This includes a breakdown of your network and the data from surrounding businesses and communities in Canada.

The RF coverage of Kingston and Brockville is assessed in a general sense to determine what is being used in these areas first. Based on changes in the area could have an impact on your Wi-Fi performance, causing signals to go down or not being able to perform appropriately. For example, the different utilities available for Kingston and Brockville residents have switched to fibre optics. This type of data feeds the assessment information about the surrounding environment.

During the assessment, your current infrastructure will be evaluated and determined if it meets your needs or can be upgraded. All-access points will be reviewed for service points and tested. Service time data is gathered and compared to others in the immediate area. This information is cross-referenced with traffic data and how it compares to the existing network. Once the wireless networking assessment is complete, you are given a result of the findings based on what exists currently and what is needed to improve and meet your goals.

Benefits of a Wireless Network Assessment

By choosing to have a wireless network assessment conducted, you serve to get the following benefits:

  • Correct coverage for the network and Wi-Fi.
  • More accurate security system.
  • Fewer interruptions and better service.
  • A foundation on to build your business.

Correct Coverage

During the assessment, the data will determine precisely how much Wi-Fi your network needs to function properly. This also considers the different types of connections needed so you can establish the appropriate contact with your Canadian clients and any others not in the local area.

Accurate Security

One of the bonuses of a wireless network assessment is the intense review and truth about your security. Whatever security measures you are currently using are reviewed to see if they meet what is needed to protect your network and cloud from hackers. You will be instructed on what is needed if it is not the appropriate security system.

Improved Service

Some businesses that attempt to manage their network independently find too many interruptions. These interruptions and delays can impact your service and can be solved with the assistance of an IT team. When your network operates smoothly, your service will improve significantly.

Stabilize Your Network Foundation

After the assessment, you are handed the necessary tools to improve the network. These improvements will give your business the foundation to continue growing and managing this growth properly from the beginning. It is much more complex to attempt to fix these changes later when the demand is high and you have outgrown your current network.

Services Available Following the Assessment

After you have undergone the wireless network assessment for your company and IT needs, you can choose from various services to help keep your business operating efficiently.

  • VoIP and Communication Services
  • Protection and Security
  • Connection Services
  • IT Management
  • Support for Microsoft Programs and Software

VoIP and Communication Services

Being able to connect with clients outside the local area efficiently is a service many clients in Kingston and Brockville seek out. Having hosted business phone systems and SIP Trunks is critical for cost savings when making long-distance calls. These phones operate off of Wi-Fi and eliminate those unnecessary costs.

Protection and Security

Managing the backup of your data to either on-site databases or private clouds can be a complex job for smaller businesses. An outsourced IT department they have the staff and resources that can manage these processes with ease and keep your systems running properly.

Connection Services

Being able to connect in Kingston, Brockville, or other places across the country is essential when you are conducting business. The networking assessment will determine if your company is in need of the following connections:

  1. Point to Point Wireless
  2. VPN Network
  3. HD Wi-Fi
  4. Fibre Optic cables and network

These are all based on how your business operates by connecting with clients and how many locations you have. Remember that you can add multiple connection points based on your assessment.

IT Management

If you need the functions of a standard IT team but not every day, outsourcing your needs to an IT team means that all services are managed. These services cover all points of IT needs, including protection, shared projects, software upgrades, and assisting clients with any issues they experience that are IT related.

Microsoft Program Support

While Microsoft 365 and other programs are ideal for many businesses, keeping up with their updates, and managing them, is best done with a team that is acutely aware of how they work and how they need to be managed.

Why Choose OnServe?

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