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Balance Your IT & Focus on the Future With Our Virtual CIO Services

A virtual Chief Information Officer. That sounds quite fancy, doesn’t it? Kind of like the next generation of Siri, maybe. Something that would appear as an app on the latest iPhone and sound very cool, but actually not function all that well and really turn out to be more of a bother than a benefit.

But we promise, our vCIO service is actually very simple and useful.

At OnServe, we want to see you focused on the future of both your business and your technology. That’s why we offer our vCIO service. We serve as your main advisor on how to use technology to improve your business. It’s like hiring a C-level executive who can help you make the important decisions on IT investments and planning, but without the cost and hassle of ACTUALLY hiring them.

  • We help you create and maintain a realistic budget for your IT and make the right investments to suit your needs.
  • We plan for keeping your IT updated and meeting your standards as time goes on, and for replacing aging technology before it can disrupt your business.
  • Together, we’ll improve how you use technology to get work done, and find the right innovative solutions to minimize frustrations and maximize productivity and efficiency.

OnServe’s vCIO service will help you BALANCE your IT and ensure you invest in and use only the right technology for YOUR needs. Let’s talk about making a plan for YOUR future – call us at (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca today.

There are too many companies that just push the newest and shiniest toys on the market at their clients. They don’t stop and ask whether you actually NEED these technologies, and the answer often is NO. It’s our job to make sure you invest in the right technology for your business. Together, we’ll use a simple strategy to create YOUR Balance IT Plan.

Step 1: Learn

We get to know you! How can we serve as your advisor if we don’t know who you are? This is where so many companies get it wrong. We want to take the time to find out what’s important about your company:

  • Tell us about your goals (both short-term AND long-term).
  • We’ll talk with you and your employees to find out what you use your technology for already, and what you wish your technology could do.
  • We’ll analyze your business systems to find out what’s working, and more importantly, what ISN’T working.
  • Then, we can know where you already are in terms of your technology, and begin to plan for improvements.

Step 2: Prepare

Since we’re focusing on your future, we need to be ready to deal with whatever the future will throw at us. Developing an IT strategy and making improvements isn’t always easy – there will be challenges along the road:

  • We’ll need to set a realistic schedule that sets a pace we can both work with. Not too fast, but definitely not too slow.
  • Money, money, money. IT costs money, and that will never change. We do our best to make sure you don’t pay through the nose for your technology, but to do that, we need to create a realistic and appropriate budget for your expenses, and find the right technologies that fit in that budget.
  • Some IT sounds great on paper, but it can be a big change from what you already use. We’ll need to prepare to ensure you and your employees will know how to make best use of your new systems, and that might mean taking the time to do some training.

Step 3: Do IT

Okay, enough waiting, let’s start! Combining the analysis and preparations, we’ll be ready to actually create your IT Strategy and get underway:

  • We make a step-by-step plan for us all to follow, with guidelines in plain English for everyone involved.
  • We start off with the first step and begin to make the necessary changes to your systems at a pace that won’t set your business back.
  • We’ll be there by your side to oversee the improvements and ensure things stay on schedule AND within budget.

Step 4: Adapt, Rinse, Repeat

Here’s the most important thing to remember when it comes to planning for your IT: It never stops. There is only one constant in the world, and that is change. Your needs today won’t be your needs in five years, so we need to be ready to adapt:

  • We revisit your strategy regularly with quarterly meetings, where we talk about what’s working and what needs to change.
  • We make plans to refresh your technologies as they age, so you can switch out systems before they can drag your productivity down.
  • We keep our fingers on the pulse of the world to watch out for potential problems AND new innovations, so we are always ready to advise you on changes that could be beneficial for your business.

With OnServe’s vCIO service to help Balance your IT, you get the benefit of our years of experience and expertise in technology without the hassle of hiring your own IT department. We’ll always be by your side, supporting you, and making sure you never veer off the path of success.

Yearning for balance? OnServe can help – contact us today to book a free, no-obligation review of your business systems. Call (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca – we’re ready to serve.