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Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft Power BI 

Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) can help you get the most out of our data. You can use this tool to visualize data, display AI insights and curate data for use elsewhere.

Power BI allows you to type a question in your language to extract information from the databases. When you master using Power BI, you can build and generate custom visualizations to share to different tiers of users. Here are useful tips for using Microsoft Power BI to get the best out of it:

Tell a Story with Your Data

Timeline Storyteller is a perfect feature for showing information that changes after a while. You can show chronological lists, create linear lists of dates or times, and display them in custom shapes, circles, grids, or spirals.

With Microsoft Power BI, you can pick an algorithmic scale or a relative that the tool uses to build a timeline. You can use this tool to show the history of your business or the increase in demand for a product or service over time.

Visualize Your Data

Power Business Intelligence has many templates, data packs, and integrations for the apps, data services, and other services with pre-set reports and data visualizations. You probably use Google Analytics, MailChimp, K2 Cloud, Xero, SAP HANA, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, or Marketo. Power BI helps you visualize the data you hold in these services, create reports using that data, and display them in one custom dashboard.

Power BI also helps you compare your website traffic with sales. You can use it to create and display access levels for individual users, perform calculations, and show custom dashboards and reports to limit access to sensitive data.

Build Custom Visualizations

You can choose custom color schemes and vary how you present your visualizations. The tool has an open-source Power BI Custom Visual Tool that highlights clusters, outliers, and percentiles. You can also download more visualization from Office Store to create unique visualization designs and color schemes.

Use Streaming Data Flows to Perform Real-Time Analytics

You can connect to Azure Streaming Analytics to extract data from streaming data flows in real-time. This helps you combine streaming data and the data you have collected at intervals and stored in your databases to generate reports, find exceptions, react more quickly to change your physical systems.

Create Tiered Dashboards

Your users do not need access to all your data visualizations. With Microsoft Power BI, you can create different visualizations for different users and limit access to only what a user needs to view.

User tracking fewer metrics may get detailed data. However, executives and senior managers may be tracking more metrics. Present their visualizations in more summarized ways that allow them to get the critical information at a glance.

Protect Sensitive Data

Microsoft Power BI allows you to use the same Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels you use with other tools like SharePoint or Microsoft Office. These labels allow you to protect sensitive data, prevent leakage, and regulate access to sensitive data for enhanced data security.

Circumvent Complex IT Language

You don’t have to be an IT guru to master and use Microsoft Power BI effectively. The tool allows you to use your natural language to post questions. Power BI Q&A collaborates with the iOS Power BI app and Power BI website and can extract information from your excel datasheets.

When posting a question on Power BI, you will get several suggestions for the terms you can use to extract information. This is useful as the terms suggested are the ones appearing on the tables in the dataset.

It helps you match wordings in your questions to the terms in the data for quicker matching and extraction of responses. With time, you learn how to use proper naming conventions for your BI parameters, tables, columns, or measures.

Use AI-Powered Data Clean-Up and Transformations

The tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you detect anomalies to remedy them. When errors are detected, the Power BI tool suggests explanations. It also pulls out takeaways wrapped with autogenerated text for building data stories efficiently.

Share Reports on Integrated Apps

Power BI integrates seamlessly with collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams. You can bring your reports to Teams to be accessed by the employees using the app.

Microsoft reports that BI reports pinned on Teams receive double views and are used by more employees. This makes your investment in Power BI and Teams worthwhile as it provides easy access to reports to inform business-related decisions.

Users can access your Power BI data from Microsoft Excel. Integrate these apps to give employees quicker access to reports and data.

When you integrate Power BI with other apps, you allow users to access the data in the tool from the apps they use the most. Customers may prefer to access the information on your Microsoft Power BI on Excel, while employees may choose to get it through Teams.

Automate Data Update

When you combine Power BI with Power apps, you can take advantage of AI to automate your data refresh. You may use this feature to add more customers to your email list. Use filters to select the action to automate.

Microsoft Power BI has several filters to help you scroll through data. You can use report-level filters, page-level filters, visual-level filters, or drill through filters. This makes your Power BI data scrollable and easy to refresh.

Create Related Dimensions

If your data is based on dates, create a date dimension. If it is based on time, use time dimensions. This makes your data more organized for easy extraction, visualization, and creation of your stories. You can then organize the data on your workspace using DAX measures or columns.

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