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Time To Retire Your Desktop PC in Exchange for Tablet Computers?

desktop PCTablet computer sales have exploded in the past few years, and for good reason: they’re the perfect devices for busy students and home users looking to stay connected; but they’re also super powerful business tools. Since the BYOD trend has evolved and the modern business environment has become more mobile than ever before, you might be ready to say goodbye to your desktop PC.

What makes more sense for your business? Should you invest in tablet computers or desktop PCs? While the desktop PC is most definitely past it’s prime, it’s far from useless; however, the tablet computer can be extremely beneficial as well!

Ready to give up your desktop PCs in exchange for tablet computers? Not so fast, let’s take a look at the benefits of a desktop PC in the workplace:

  • Multi-monitor flexibility: Nothing offers more flexibility in setting up multiple monitors like a desktop PC does! A typical desktop PC allows you to set up multiple monitors, depending on your unique needs, to stay productive and access a wider range of information at once.
  • Unbeatable power: While mobile devices offer enough power for the average office worker, there’s not enough power for users with multi-tasking needs or those running computationally intensive applications; wherein a desktop PC offers horsepower that can’t be rivaled.
  • Greater expandability: A desktop PC allows you to expand in terms of RAM or disk storage requirements. For example, if you’ve purchased a NAS with 10GbE support, you’re able to install a 10GbE network adapter to utilize your storage device. There’s no need to purchase a new desktop PC if your needs grow.

Now let’s take a look at the potential benefits of incorporating tablet computers into the workplace:

  • App availability: Perhaps the most popular aspect of tablet computers in the workplace: the number of apps available. There are apps for almost everything, and they’re not just for consumers, they’re great for employees looking to view and edit documents, access files on the go, and stay connected.
  • Enhanced mobility: Tablet computers offer a higher degree of portability and mobility that makes them extremely convenient. Your employees can take them on the go to check emails, connect with suppliers and colleagues, and generally stay productive while they’re out of the office.
  • Simplicity for users: While most of your staff members have probably already used a tablet computer before, they’re simple to use, even for beginners. In fact, they’re not only simple to use, but they’re simple for your IT department to manage as well.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice. While tablet computers do offer great benefits, there are some limitations that prevent them from replacing the traditional desktop PC anytime soon. So should your business invest in tablet computers? The short answer: most likely! Your business probably has a few activities that could be performed more cost effectively and efficiently using tablet computers as opposed to desktop PCs.

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