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The Top 5 Security Threats You Need to Pay Attention to in 2015

Are you feeling lost when it comes to protecting yourself against new emerging threats?

2015 security

2014 was stained by high-profile data breaches, ending with the bizarre and damaging hack of Sony Pictures. You know your business needs to protect itself, but what exactly should you be looking out for? We’ve broken down the biggest security threats shaping up in 2015.

  • The Insecurity of Things

We don’t just use computers for internet access anymore. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of innovative, connected devices used to track, monitor, and simplify every part of our lives. But when you’re storing and transferring sensitive personal information, hackers will be looking to exploit any vulnerability. TVs, home security systems automation and any other Internet capable devices need to be protected.

  • DDoS Attacks

Denial-of-service attacks don’t steal your information or cause any overt harm, but they flood a site or service with so much traffic that it becomes overwhelmed and prevent users from connecting. Last year they became much more sophisticated and they can now morph and adapt based on the defenses in place by the targeted network.

  • Social Media

Social media is what keeps us all connected – so it’s not surprising that hackers are aiming to use it to spread malware. Attackers continue to develop techniques to exploit social networks by distributing malware and stealing sensitive data from users.

  • Mobile Malware

Security experts have been talking about mobile malware for a long time. Mobile devices are more prevalent now than ever, including in business. It seems 2015 may be the year that a major mobile malware attack finally happens – so you need to keep your devices protected.

  • Third-party Attacks

Remember this – cybercriminals will take the path of least resistance, and they know that contractors and other third-party vendors can offer an opening into generally-secured corporate networks. You always need to screen who has access to your network and systems and ensure they have proper security precautions in place.

Don’t let new threats get the best of you. We know what you’re up against and are ready to help ensure you don’t get crippled by security threats – to get setup with the best protection available contact us by phone or email.