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The Many Problems That Come With Onsite Data Backup

LTO Tape for data backup.Many companies are still using traditional and outdated backup methods that can cause a myriad of issues. Traditional backup methods, such as, taking a copy of data that is outside of the system it resides on, involve the tedious task of transferring data to storage media, mostly tape, which can come with a series of problems. Below are a few major concerns surrounding onsite data backup:

Timely Manual Processes

Most businesses are aware of tape backup because it’s the most common method of data backup used today. Data backup using tapes requires having a dedicated commitment to replacement plans and media rotation, neither of which is simple or quick.

Rarely Verified

Although data backups may have been carried out, they are not often worked on properly, or in many cases, have not been completed, and what’s worse is that they are rarely checked by anyone to verify whether the backup has been successful before it’s too late.

Untested Restoration

The majority of tape backups suffer from poor restore speeds and recovery process, which are rarely tested, and without any restore SLA in place.

Lackluster Scalability

In order to accommodate the ever increasing volumes of data, backup systems and tape libraries have to be expanded, which can prove to be extremely costly. Backup windows can run into the business day, often impacting system availability and recovery time objectives.

Damage/General Wear and Tear

General aging and wear and tear can cause tapes to become unreadable, as well as cause cracks and breaks.

Obsolete Technology

Advancements in technology mean that the system used to back up your data can be easily lost in the event of a disaster or security breach etc. It is for this reason that it needs to be replaced with a more up to date system.

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