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Technology & HR: Understanding the New Digital Frontier

Ready To Take Your HR Department To The Next Level?

To be the best business in any industry requires having the best employees, and to get and keep those you need an excellent HR department. Continue reading to learn about some of the latest tech that is helping HR personnel everywhere.  

The Human Resources department isn’t exactly a department most connect with high-tech tools. In fact, many people see this as a paper-pushing, non-innovative department in which administers make more paper or face-to-face decisions about things like new employee salaries, who’s next to get hired or fired, and how to organize the next onboarding session. And these and many similar tasks are core facets of what any organization’s HR department does. They also happen to be areas that are increasingly being added behind the scenes by technological advancements. The following is a look at just a few of the ways exciting new tech is enabling human resource departments to become more efficient and effective.

Human Resources and technology in Kingston Ontario

Technology & HR: Understanding the New Digital Frontier

AI is Allowing for Smarter & Faster Recruitment

No matter what industry an Eastern Ontario company or organization is in, if they want to stay ahead, then they need to be comprised of smart, skilled, and motivated employees. To get and retain such employees, mid and large-sized companies need to have an HR department that is constantly collecting and analyzing resumes, keeping their eyes out for potential perfect matches. However, doing this the old way, the paper-only way, took a lot of manpower and a lot of lost time interviewing people who were ideal on paper but poor fits when interviewed.

That is until automation, and simple AI tools came along. Today, HR departments can leverage tech tools like automated resume screeners that can go through thousands of resumes within a day and zero in on good fits. Then, to weed out initial bad fits, there are robot interviewers that can screen that first wave of potentials and send only the best candidates to HR recruiters who can focus more of their time and energy on conducting soft-skill and business-specific evaluations.

Better Analytic Tool for Better Performance Management

One of the most critical functions of an HR department is to monitor employee and business performance, discover new ways of driving performance, collecting supervisory feedback, and conducting employee reviews. All of this takes time and the extensive collection and analysis of data. During the paper-only days, many of these tasks often were overlooked, and departments failed to act as efficiently as they could. We’ve all heard the joke and seen films (Office Space) decrying the efficiency of HR departments. It’s the kernel of truth those jokes came from can largely be traced back to the monolith undertaking such performance management tasks were with paper-based methods.

Today, HR departments can incorporate people and department analytics that will take in raw data and automatically build actionable insights for HR personnel to use. This includes key data gathered from thousands of interactions between workers and business operations, all in place that can easily be re-analyzed for an HR personnel’s specific needs. Advanced performance management tech features and advanced software may have single-handedly revolutionized the HR industry and are a facet that every business should have started incorporating yesterday.

Enhanced Security Practices

This aspect of new digital software is the most often spoken of, but it bears repeating. New technologies are available for individuals and businesses better to secure both their hard copy and electronic files. Remember, the more advanced the hackers get, the more advanced your Kingston, ON business, your IT, and your HR department has to be. Enhanced digital security tools are a necessary tool for doing so.

Now is the Time to Start Adopting HR Technologies

If you haven’t already, now is the time to take advantage of the new digital frontier and have your HR team start incorporating advanced HR software and technologies today. Doing so will keep your organization more effective and keep your business at the forefront of your industry. Learn more about the specifics by contacting our team today.