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Learn More About Your IT With Constant Support from Our Help Desk

Have you ever called out for tech support and felt like the person on the other end just could not care less about your business? They either ramble away with a bunch of technical jargon that means nothing to you, or else they talk to you like you’re a child. It’s condescending, and it wastes that most precious of resources: time.

You deserve actual SUPPORT.

At OnServe, we believe that IT support means treating your business like our own and doing everything in our power to make IT easy. Even though we pride ourselves on proactive solutions to stop problems before they start, even the best of IT systems will still have problems arise now and then. When you need help, we’ll be there by your side. Our Help Desk support system is always available and will always be focused on YOUR needs first:

  • Contact us at any time, either by phone or by email. Even if you have to leave a message, we’ll get back to you right away to get started ASAP.
  • Our Help Desk team members are friendly, personable, and know what they’re doing. They don’t talk down to you or try to get out of work; they ask the right questions to find out what the problem is, and then they get to work.
  • Our remote management tools mean that we can start working on issues right away, so you’re not left wondering when we’ll show up to get started.

OnServe’s Help Desk support will help you LEARN more about your IT and feel at ease using technology knowing you’ll always have a partner at your side. Let’s talk about supporting YOUR business – call us at (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca today.

Our goal with our Help Desk support isn’t to be a nanny – you deserve more respect than that. Instead, we want to help you understand your technology and feel confident in your use of it, knowing that if you ever need a helping hand, it’s just a moment’s call away. That’s why we focus on these values of support:

Treating You Like a Partner

If we want to be treated like a partner for your business, we need to give you the same courtesy. That means doing our jobs and taking care of your technology, but it also means helping you learn more about your systems and focusing on what YOU need your technology to do.

  • When you call, we LISTEN first. Then we’ll ask the right questions to find out more about what you need help with, and focus on getting the result you’re looking for.
  • No technobabble, no jargon. Plain English only. It’s simple.
  • When you call, you get to talk to someone familiar who cares about your business and will work hard to make sure YOU’RE satisfied.

Being Available and Responsive

Hey, you want to hire someone to take care of things for you. That’s not complicated, and it’s not asking much. So you deserve to have support that is available when YOU need it and gets to work right away. After all, time is money.

  • You can reach us by phone or by email anytime, 24/7. We may not always be able to respond immediately, but we do our absolute best to get back to you ASAP with a familiar voice you can trust to help.
  • Contact us for any reason. Whether it’s because you’re having a specific problem with a program or just to get some tips on how to use a system better, we’ll be happy to help.
  • We get to work on issues right away using our remote support tools, which means you don’t need to wait for someone to drive out to your office. But if the problem DOES call for onsite support, you can be sure we’ll be on our way ASAP.

Keeping You in the Know

It’s YOUR technology, and that means you deserve a partner that makes sure all the information about it is at your fingertips. Our Help Desk keeps track of everything for you so you can easily stay on top of what’s happening with your systems.

  • We track all of your requests for support so you can see what you’ve asked for and what’s been done for any issues that have come up.
  • We have a wide library of helpful tips and tricks for you to browse through at your leisure, so you can understand your technology and discover new uses you didn’t even know were possible.
  • We make sure you get regular reports on the health of your systems so you’ve never caught by surprise if an issue DOES arise.

With OnServe’s Help Desk Support to help you Learn more about your IT, you’ll feel more confident using your technology every day. We’ll always be at your side, ready to lift you up and help you reach for the stars.

Ready to learn? OnServe makes it easy – contact us today to book a free, no-obligation review of your business systems. Call (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca – we’re ready to help.