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Should You be Getting the New Apple Watch?

5 Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea

Everyone’s talking about the new Apple Watch and trying to figure out whether or not the new gadget is a good investment.

apple iwatch

There are a lot of really cool and exciting features offered, but when you take a look at the big picture, it really just doesn’t seem necessary. As it stands, we can give you 5 good reasons to not buy an Apple watch right now.

Inferior Features

The uses of the smartwatch certainly don’t come close to replacing our smartphones. In fact, in terms of usefulness, many of the features are really just there to tell you to look at your phone. Right now the features just don’t hold enough utility to warrant purchasing the watch.

It Collects a Lot of Personal Data

How comfortable are you sharing heaps of personal information with commercial companies like Apple? The watch collects and stores tons of data, like your geographic position, calorie intake, heart rate, sleep activity and fitness levels. It’s not clear how safe any of this information is right now, so you’d have to be pretty trusting of Apple and hopeful that their system is properly secured.

It’s Not a Rolex Replacement

No matter how fancy the design or well-known the name, for people who wear their watches as status symbols, the Apple watch won’t be replacing your Rolex anytime soon.

You Don’t Want to be A Test Subject

Think back to the first iPod, and take a look at what we’ve got now – they’re virtually two different products. If these fail to catch on, you’ll have spent a lot of money on nothing. But if they do, they’ll only get better. They’ll improve quickly, with new features and sleeker designs. You can hold off for a while and wait to see what happens. Besides…

You’ve Already Got Something Better

Like we said, one of the chief functions of the Apple watch is to remind you to look at your phone. And everything else it does is already covered on your smartphone too – it can give you directions, track your steps, make calls, and even keep tabs on your body functions. For now, there’s no real reason to get the Apple watch other than being a fan of the company.

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