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Case Study: Sentry Security Systems Inc.

Sentry Security Systems Inc. chose Onserve to provide (a) cost-effective and user-friendly VoIP solution for their business phone needs.

Sentry Security Systems Inc. is a national provider of industry-leading analog, network and hybrid video surveillance products. With fifteen years in the business and offices on both sides of the North American border, it’s clear that Sentry Security Systems Inc. has a vast and high-pace operation. An important part in their service is their ability to communicate effectively with their contacts, which requires the right IT to meet their needs.

Sentry Security

The situation: Sentry Security Systems Inc. was planning to relocate, and took the opportunity to consider new business telephone technology for their office. 

The management at Sentry Security Systems Inc. knew that their upcoming relocation presented a perfect opportunity to look at their options for upgrading their business telephones. Relocating their business was a complicated enough prospect, even without upgrading their IT. To ensure that their new telephone system would be deployed without a hitch, Sentry Security Systems Inc. chose Onserve to oversee the process.

The solution: Onserve outfitted Sentry Security Systems Inc. with a brand new Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system, granting them a range of new features and which lowered their monthly phone costs dramatically.

Onserve ended up being an ideal choice for Sentry Security Systems Inc., providing them with a perfectly tailored Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution that reduced their monthly phone bill and gave them access to a range of convenient features.

“We haven’t had any problems at all. The few hurdles we have had have been due to typical in transitioning phone lines, but really, it’s been 100% since day one,” says Mike Demmons, Co-Owner and President at Sentry Security Systems Inc.

To this day, Onserve continues to provide cost-effective IT solutions for Sentry Security Systems Inc., including:

  • Fibre Internet for high-speed connectivity
  • A Hosted PBX phone system that keeps their monthly rates low
  • Ongoing support to address their concerns as need be.

“We felt that OnServe lived up to their commitment; they had the phones up and running on time, and they were available to make the changes we needed,” says Demmons. “Our Internet and phone bill at our previous location was about $1000 per month, and I’d say we’ve cut roughly 40% out of that bill”.

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