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Security Tips: Creating Strong Passwords

A look at how to create a secure password.

Hacks and scams will always remain a problem with online communication/browsing, with weak passwords being a huge factor in security breaches. Since creating a secure password can be a problematic issue for many, we’re going to walk you through the process so one can create the password that only they can decipher.

Secured Password

Creating A Strong Password

Two of the main categories your password should fall into should be:

  • The password is long or contains a “passphrase.”
  • The password or “passphrase” isn’t well-known.

So before we elaborate on how one can achieve these goals and create a secure password for their personal information, we’re going to explain how hackers have no problem retrieving passwords. One of the most popular methods of password retrieval is through “brute force attacks,” which is when a hacker begins with a familiar list of passwords/combinations that a user would use for entry and tries to guess their password. As many hackers have the software to figure out one’s simple password with no difficulty, it puts into context how important it is for one to create a secure password that is easy for the owner to remember… yet hard to guess for the hackers.


Creating a passphrase is much like creating a password, but a little more elaborate. Passphrases are basically sentences or phrases that would make sense to you and only you. However, don’t use common phrases from pop culture that someone could easily guess or something that you find yourself uttering often. For example: “may the force be with you” might be easy to crack if you’re a known Star Wars fan.

Don’t Create Something Hard To Remember

Many people have the misconception that a strong password is something that’s hard to remember or something that can confuse the owner of the password. However, a strong password doesn’t constitute something the password’s owner won’t remember. Although many have the idea that adding numbers or capital letters can boost the security of a password, these passwords do not deter hackers from obtaining your information and only make things more confusing for you. Sticking with passphrases is your best bet to keeping your information secure.

So if you still find yourself trying to figure out the password that hackers cannot guess, and you can remember, have no fear as Onserve is on your side and willing to help you find the secure password you deserve. So if you live in Eastern Ontario and want to strengthen your password, feel free to contact us as (877) 996-6622 or sales@onserve.ca so we can help you today.

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