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How to Facilitate a (Secure) Remote Workforce During the Coronavirus Crisis

Facilitate a (Secure) Remote Workforce During the Coronavirus Crisis

Suddenly shifting your workforce from onsite to remote can cause quite a burden on overworked technical teams. See how to ensure that your business assets stay safe during the transition. 

Public safety is becoming a topic of conversation with the looming COVID-19 crisis that is threatening countries throughout the world. In Canada, non-essential functions are essentially shut down, with many organizations encouraging staff to work from home whenever possible. While approximately 60% of companies have some sort of work from home strategy in place, it is often on a very limited scale as opposed to the sweeping closures that companies are now facing. If you are struggling to find secure and reliable solutions for remote work for your staff, here are a few of the components of a successful and secure remote work solution for your staff and contractors.

Secure Workforce Kingston Coronavirus

Invest in Top-Notch Video Conferencing Solutions

One of the biggest challenges for a workforce that is suddenly displaced from its centralized location is feeling as though you’re part of the larger community. Staying in touch is a vital component of work, and video conferencing technology has advanced dramatically in the past few years so that nearly 90% of companies rely on this form of communication during their hiring process and for everyday activities. Whether your staff members will be connecting via their company-controlled laptops and phones or through their personal mobile devices, IT teams will need to ensure that the solutions are secure and that customer information and intellectual property are fully protected. Staff members that do not have access to a company-supplied solution might decide to use free tools that may not offer the level of security your company needs. Quickly identifying and rolling out a trusted video conferencing solution may help reduce security concerns for your company while staff members are working remotely.

Secure and Reliable Internet

Maintaining normalcy in a time of shifting priorities and change is one of the best ways to ensure you’re staying as productive and helping your organization continue operations at some level. Experts recommend that workers stick to their schedule as much as possible, but recognize that this schedule may be dramatically different due to additional family members such as children or spouses also being in the home. This can create difficulties, particularly when it comes to ensuring that everyone has access to high-speed internet connections.

Companies can help by making sure their network infrastructure is robust enough to handle the additional load placed by remote staff members, while also checking that security solutions such as a VPN are in place for protection. Plus, there is always the possibility that a family member could be browsing on a company laptop and inadvertently access malware or ransomware. Having up-to-date security protocols on all devices that access the company internet or intranet will reduce the chance that hackers will gain access to sensitive data or business systems.

When your managed IT services team is feeling the stress associated with the enforced remote work policies, contact the professionals at OnServe. Our talented technical professionals will help ensure that your technology stays under control, even when the situations outside your doors are feeling increasingly scattered and confusing. We specialize in providing fast and secure connections for team members working anywhere in the world, based on a sturdy IT infrastructure that allows teams to focus on innovation and driving new revenue opportunities. Contact OnServe at 613-634-8125 and see how we can take the stress out of business technology when you schedule your complimentary initial consultation.