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Prescott Animal Hospital Relies On OnServe For Their Vet Clinic IT Services

OnServe Provides Top Of The Line Vet Clinic IT Services To Prescott Animal Hospital

Prescott Animal Hospital is a part of a network of sister clinics and veterinary services practices in Ontario. Operating both a small animal division, with four full-time doctors, and a large division with eight fulltime doctors, as well as a large animal surgical hospital and medical referral center, Prescott Animal Hospital has a lot on their plate, all of which relies on IT.

Whether it’s the secure and backed up storage of veterinary data, the maintenance of their satellite office’s VPN, or the full service required by other clinics, Prescott Animal Hospital trusts OnServe to take care of all their IT needs. Four years ago, Prescott Animal Hospital’s IT support closed down their business, and recommended they try OnServe.

What Does OnServe Provide For Prescott Animal Hospital?

Co-Managed IT Support

IT services are not one-one-size-fits-all. Depending on the client, a fully managed model may be required, but for others, only certain services would need to be outsourced. However, not all IT companies are willing to be that flexible. They will often offer only a fully managed contract, which doesn’t work for every potential client.

Prescott Animal Hospital needed an IT company that would deliver a custom set of services, and allow them to handle smaller user support tasks internally. That’s precisely what OnServe offered them.

“One of the things that OnServe was willing to do was work with us and allow me to do some of the management of what goes on with user accounts and stuff like that, because I had been set up to do some of that already,” says Shelley Vanderschuit, Business Manager. “I know enough to help internally in the building with a lot of issues.”

“We don’t have to go with the gold standard full managed services. They were willing to come down in price to allow us to manage some of it, and they manage the big stuff,” says Shelley. “So that worked for us.”

OnServe was able to deliver precisely the level of IT services that Prescott Animal Hospital required, allowing them to budget more effectively for their IT, and maintain the quality of service they needed.

“Their first offer was a reasonable fee for what service they were prepared to offer, but we were hoping to not need that service, and they were willing to negotiate, so that’s why we ended up with them in the end,” says Shelley.

Fully Managed IT Support

Prescott Animal Hospital is just one location in this network of veterinary services clinics. While a co-managed IT solution works for them, other clinics required a different level of service.

The outlying clinics in Prescott Animal Hospital’s network don’t have an internal IT support person like Shelley to take care of the small tasks. They needed a fully managed IT services model – OnServe offers that as well.

“We signed up in all three of the outlying clinics to have full managed services because there isn’t anybody in any of those offices that are able to do the internal stuff that I’ve been able to do, and I’m not there to help them,” says Shelley.

OnServe provides IT services designed to meet the precise needs of the client. Whereas Prescott Animal Hospital needs a higher level, co-managed model, the outlying clinics need full-service support.

OnServe handles each and every IT issue the outlying clinics run into. From micro to macro, OnServe maintains every aspect of these clinics’ IT.

“They can’t log in, their server’s down, their printer’s not working – doesn’t matter what it is, they call OnServe,” says Shelley.

Data Security

The business world is fraught with cybercrime threats. Veterinarian practices store and access valuable financial data on their clients, which makes them a key target for cybercriminals.

That’s one of the reasons Prescott Animal Hospital chose to work with OnServe. They wanted an IT company that could provide expert cybersecurity support and keep their data safe.

As technology advances and veterinarian practices operate more and more in the digital space, their clients expect a higher standard of cybersecurity. Partnering with OnServe has allowed Prescott Animal Hospital to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Prescott Animal Hospital doesn’t have to worry about a ransomware attack, phishing scams, or other cybercrime threats. They’re confident in their cybersecurity, thanks to the range of solutions OnServe delivers:

  • Cybersecurity assessments
  • Security as a Service Packages
  • Perimeter/Gateway Security
  • Wireless Access Point Security
  • End-Point Security
  • Email Protection
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Cybersecurity Training For End Users

Compliance Support & Data Retention

Similar to practices operating in the healthcare sector, veterinarian clinics are required to maintain compliance with strict guidelines in order to keep their license. Every five years, veterinarian clinics are inspected in order to make sure they are maintaining standards laid out by The College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

“One of the guidelines that’s very important is the storage of medical information,” says Shelley. “If we don’t have a backup that’s working, then we’re sunk. If the server has crashed, then we would lose everything.”

Veterinarian clinics like Prescott Animal Hospital need a reliable data backup solution. This backup solution should provide both local onsite backup for quick recovery in instances of data loss, as well as an offsite cloud-based backup for when your business is hit with a critical disaster. That’s what OnServe delivers.

“Everything has to be backed up, and OnServe’s looking after that,” says Shelley.

OnServe’s backup services offer a range of vital features for veterinarian clinics like Prescott Animal Hospital:

  • Back up of any local workstation or server – virtual or physical.
  • Provision of required software and licensing.
  • Backups that are managed 24×7.
  • Remote issue remediation that takes place within 4 hours if a backup fails.

“We went with OnServe and we’ve been very happy”
Shelley Vanderschuit, Business Manager