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Outsourcing Critical IT Functions 

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Critical IT Functions

Your company relies on technology to conduct business and improve efficiency, but the cost of acquiring technology assets and maintaining them can escalate. IT outsourcing comes in handy to help your enterprise keep costs low, as it is cheaper to contract a third party than to buy and maintain IT devices and facilities.

Contracting outside vendors to perform various IT functions comes with multiple benefits, the obvious one being helping your business save time and money. Instead of spending your time worrying about complex IT functions that you don’t have the skills for, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business processes. You will have peace of mind knowing that an IT specialist is in charge of your business IT needs.

Outsourcing serves as a one-stop solution for all your technology-related needs. If you have the right IT service provider working with you, it becomes easier to align your company goals while remaining competitive in the market. Outsourcing critical IT functions absolve you from the need to hire several IT experts for various IT needs. Other advantages of outsourcing IT functions include:

  • Support business growth: every business wants to experience technological growth, but sometimes the process can be painful. Managing change is often complicated, and your company can struggle to keep up with growth. Fortunately, teaming up with a professional IT service provider helps supplement the services of your internal team for the boost you need in your IT functions. They will also help you plan an IT strategy to help you achieve the business results you desire.
  • Broader access to technology solutions: the cost of infrastructure is a primary concern for in-house IT teams. When you outsource your IT functions, you have access to a large pool of IT resources that would otherwise be expensive and out of reach.
  • Reduces overhead costs: most professional IT providers charge a flat monthly fee for all the services they provide. Since they are not on your payroll, you can effectively cut down on the costs of hiring, training, and providing employee benefits like health insurance and paid leave.
  • Managed risk: employee turnover at the wrong time can disrupt your business operations, leading to costly problems. Outsourcing helps you build consistency in your business because the experts provide the necessary support to your IT team. This reduces the workload for the internal team, allowing them to focus on what they are skilled at, leading to a higher level of job satisfaction.
  • Customized solutions for your business: IT service providers deliver solutions tailored to your business needs.

Outsourcing Critical IT Functions

With all these benefits of outsourcing critical IT functions, you may want to outsource all your IT functions. However, if you already have an internal IT team, you may want to use another approach and only outsource the most critical functions. Consider giving priority to the following:

Day-to-Day Help Desk Duties

Internal IT teams have a lot to handle in their day-to-day help desk duties and responsibilities. Sometimes, these tasks can be overwhelming, depending on your business needs, wants, and problems. Managed IT service providers are equipped with the right tools and services to help your business respond to daily user issues. They are well-versed to provide support in:

  • Ticketing management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Patching and system updates
  • Filtering and responding to user requests
  • Accounts configuration
  • Recovering lost files from a backup
  • Researching products for a hardware upgrade
  • Implementing virtual servers for use by various departments
  • Firewall and other security solutions configuration
  • Installing network equipment

Network Management 

Constant network management is crucial as it helps you analyze data and push out configuration changes for enhanced performance, security, and reliability. The process is more effective when you have a network management system, which can sometimes be costly for your business to install.

When you outsource your network management function, you can rest assured that all your devices, including access points, routers, switches, and wireless controllers, are under 24/7 surveillance. IT MSPs have all the tools and services to proactively manage your business network, being on the lookout for performance and wireless access point issues. They perform lots of networking duties at the same time.

One of the benefits of outsourcing the network management function is that you get to enjoy network automation. IT service providers take the repetitive tasks of configuring, deploying, managing, and operating virtual and physical devices out of the equation. This automatic management saves you time and improves overall control.

Network Security 

Cybersecurity is one area of your IT functions you must never be complacent about, given the rising cybercrime cases. For your cybersecurity measures to be effective, you need the right technology. The input of skilled security experts and threat intelligence is also vital to help you leverage the right technology solutions.

Unfortunately, the cost of getting access to these resources can be prohibitive for your business, especially now that you are under pressure to achieve more with less. Besides, choosing the right technology on your own can prove problematic.

That is why your network security should be a top priority when outsourcing critical IT functions. An MSP will help your internal IT team with crucial security factors like firewall management, email security, vulnerability assessments, and threat detection.

Experts in IT will also help you overcome the challenges associated with technology management by ensuring all cybersecurity tools are deployed, integrated, and monitored with the highest efficiency level. This goes a long way in reducing the risk of outdated technology becoming obsolete and exposing your networks and systems to cybersecurity risks.

Special IT Projects 

Outsourcing your special IT projects is vital for each ongoing task. Experts from MSPs can help you identify critical requirements for each project and draw the lines of responsibilities. Besides, they come in handy to help you define problem escalation procedures to prevent time and resource wastage.

The outsourced company you choose to work with acts as your agent, negotiating with multiple vendors and carriers to expand or upgrade your networks economically without sacrificing predefined performance requirements.

Before installing new systems, the outsourcing firm will conduct a site survey and perform the necessary preparations and coordination to ensure all the requirements are in place for a smooth process.

The outsourcing firm also performs acceptance testing of all equipment to minimize potential disruptions to your business operations. Some of the notable IT projects they can help your internal IT team to manage include:

  • Network upgrades
  • VoIP deployments
  • Desktop rollouts
  • Server migrations
  • Cloud deployments
  • IT compliance and much more

OnServe Provides Outsourced IT Services In Eastern Ontario

Your IT department is crucial for the smooth running of your daily business operations. System and network failure can lead to costly downtime that can make you lose customers and employees alike. To prevent this from happening, consider outsourcing critical IT functions to a managed service provider as a way of ensuring your internal team is not overwhelmed with IT issues. Besides, you will also have access to a large pool of resources and expertise at a fraction of the cost.

The process of finding a reliable outsourced IT services company in Eastern Ontario can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. OnServe has been a trusted and reliable managed service provider to businesses in Kingston and Brockville, and we are here to help you, too. Contact us today with all your questions and concerns about your business IT needs, and an expert will get back to you to offer the assistance you need.