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The Municipality of North Grenville, a small town just south of Ottawa, had been struggling for some time to keep their IT services in line with their needs.

They had an IT staff member for the municipality’s services, but there was always just too much to get done for a single person on their own. Because they had upwards of 60 users in their spread-out facilities across the municipality, their IT technician was run ragged, always struggling to follow up on the next IT problem and never able to focus on new technologies for the future.

That’s where OnServe came in.

The Municipality of North Grenville was growing frustrated with their information technology. They found themselves increasingly reliant upon IT to get the daily tasks of administration completed, and everything was increasingly slowed down by computers and networks that just couldn’t keep up.

The Situation: An IT Technician Swamped With Daily Maintenance, and an Aging IT Network Constantly Slowing a Municipality Down

“There was no opportunity to keep up with new technologies,” said Tammy Hurlbert, a representative of the Municipality of North Grenville. “We didn’t have a refresh plan… we were constantly reacting, saying ‘Oops, that computer’s dead.’ There was a lot of guesswork involved. With any organization these days, the computer network is everything – if it’s down, you lose productivity starting at the second. That’s a lot to lose.”

With only one IT support staff member for the entire municipality, there was no one to cover vacation times, and when it came time to budget for information technology, it could be scary. That’s why it was agreed that the municipality needed to put a call for proposals from IT support companies.

The Resolution: An Outsourced IT Department, Focused on Proactive Strategies and Solutions for the Future

OnServe delivered a proposal to the municipality, and it was the perfect match. “One of their strengths was the experience they had with other municipalities,” said Tammy. “They understood our specific needs, and we knew they would be the best to manage those needs, to bring experience that we could learn from.”

The government of the municipality had concerns regarding the stability and security of their systems, and those were their immediate priorities. The team at OnServe came in and immediately addressed those needs, analyzing their existing networks and systems for problem points, suggesting and applying security processes and products like backups and anti-virus, and implementing remote monitoring technology to ensure that future problems could be immediately caught and resolved.

“They gave us a plan to undertake to correct anything outstanding,” said Tammy, “and prioritized anything that needed fixing right away. We were lucky to be able to achieve as much as we did so quickly!”

As part of our monthly service for the municipality, we ensure to:

  • Quickly identify & resolve potential IT issues before they can cause downtime for their business.
  • Respond to, or proactively avoid, any outages caused by IT problems.
  • Keep their IT use and growth aligned with their needs, so they only use technology that does what they need and fits within their budget.
  • Prepare them for the future with onsite and offsite backups, so they never have to worry that they’ll be unable to keep working in the face of a technology disaster.

Now that we’ve been able to address the stability of their existing network, we’re focused on the future for the Municipality of North Grenville. “We’re sitting down talking about budgets for next year,” said Tammy. “Now there’s nothing major waiting. We have a replacement plan, server refresh funding building on schedule…. we’re really pleased with where we are.

“When it comes to budget time, it used to be scary and eye-opening, but OnServe has kept us in the loop. They’ve kept us up-to-date with no surprises… everything has always been straightforward, and what they said it would be. We wouldn’t have known where to start, but they had the expertise and knowledge to know what to do.”

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