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Mobile Device Management: MOBILIZE IT

You’ve Taken Steps to Secure Your Data at the Office, But What Happens When You Leave the Office?

You access email, company files, and communicate regularly while out of the office. In doing this, you often connect to whatever free Wi-Fi networks are available. While this helps you keep data charges down, it exposes data to hackers along the way. Unless your business has some way of enforcing secure behaviours, people will always err toward convenience. Get help protecting sensitive data and make sure your data is always secure! What is Mobile Device Management? What is the monthly Pricing for OnServe’s Mobilize IT – Mobile Device Management?


Exchange ActiveSync management

  • Email support
  • Remote Lock and Factory Reset
  • Carry in Support
PRICING $5.00/User/Device Request A Quote


  • Basic Mobile Security Software with Antivirus Protection & scanning
  • Remote Device Lock and Locate
  • Remote Device Wipe
  • Password Policy Enforcement
  • Remote Device Password Reset
  • Web Content Filtering
PRICING $15.00/User/Device Request A Quote


  • Enhanced Mobile Security Software with Antivirus Protection
  • BYOD Corporate Policy
  • Remote Device Lock and Locate
  • Full or Selective Remote Device Wipe
  • Robust Security Policy Enforcement
  • Device Password Reset and Clear
  • Enforced Data Encryption
  • On-Device Content Management
  • Scalable Endpoint Configuration
PRICING $24.00/User/Device Request A Quote Mobile Device Management is the process of managing and securing both fleet devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices. Regardless of whether your company supplies the devices, or your employees bring their own, your workflow and data must be secured and managed on those devices in compliance with industry standards and legislation. These devices are susceptible to and as a result, represent a high-security concern.

OnServe Manages Mobile Devices for All mobile Platforms.

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Windows

With Mobile Device Management, You’re in Control of Your Data!

  • Enforce password security and other related policies
  • Restrict people from connecting to unsecured networks
  • Encrypt sensitive data
  • Control access to your data and network
  • Locate, lock, and wipe when a device goes missing

Are You Ready to Leverage Mobile Versatility Within Your Workflow?

It’s likely that you and your employees are already using mobile devices for a significant portion of your work, but here’s the question: Have you explored how much MORE you could do with a mobile device strategy? Our IT consultants do far more than just securing mobile devices. We work with our clients to help them discover better ways to utilize their mobile devices within their internal processes while ensuring security and compliance with relevant standards. Let us help you discover ways to utilize your mobile devices.