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Mobilize Your IT By Trusting in IBM’s MaaS360 Solution to Help You Take Your First Steps into the Cloud

It seems like everyone and their aunt is talking about how great the cloud is for businesses these days, doesn’t it? Go online and look at the latest business technology sites – they all talk about how the cloud makes IT easy and affordable for small businesses, how it improves productivity and lets you access information on the go, and how it saves time and money. So what’s the problem?

Almost no one tells you how to get started with the cloud.

With OnServe, there’s an easy way to take your first steps into the cloud – MaaS360. We’ve partnered with MaaS360, which is put out by Fiberlink (and IBM, a familiar name) to bring together everything you could need from a mobile experience:

  • MaaS360 is a complete and comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform that is easy to deploy and scale.
  • With MaaS360 you can manage and secure all of your mobile devices, apps and content.
  • It’s about fast deployment and easy management so we can focus our time on getting down to business.

Want to see for yourself how MaaS360 can make all the difference for YOUR business? Have a 30-day free trial on us. See what it’s all about, and let us know what you think – we can help you truly leverage everything it’s capable of.

OnServe’s MaaS360 solution makes it easy to MOBILIZE your IT. It’s everything you could want for mobile business technology – the services, the solutions, and the comprehensive management network to bring it all together. Let’s talk about how to implement a MaaS360 solution for YOUR business – call us at (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca today.

Why MaaS360? Because it’s not about making TECHNOLOGY mobile – it’s about mobilizing PEOPLE. It’s about App distribution, security and management; it’s about sharing and securing content on smartphones and tablets; it’s about fast deployment and easy management so end-users and IT can spend time getting down to business. That’s why we think MaaS360 can benefit any business, and why we are dedicated to providing a smooth and easy transition to its system with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

Making IT Easy

MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service. So what does that mean for you? It’s everything you could ever need for mobile technology, delivered from a single source that’s easy to implement, use, and manage. We’ve partnered with MaaS360 because it’s EASY and it’s EFFECTIVE, and we want to use its power to ensure that mobility is something any business can leverage.

  • There’s no in-office hardware to install or manage; we take care of everything in the backend so all you have to do is log in.
  • You’re always on the latest version of the MaaS360 software without having to worry about updates or downtime from upgrading the service – it’s always at its best so you are too.
  • It’s a comprehensive suite of everything that factors into your mobile technology:
    • Mobile device management with BYOD and BYOA options
    • Secured cloud-based email service
    • File synchronization and sharing
    • Mobile app management and security
    • Secure web browsing
    • Support, training, education, and planning for your cloud needs
    • And more!

Versatility and Productivity

MaaS360 is about saving you time and money. Period. It’s incredibly easy to customize the service to your unique needs, so it fits your business like a glove. How? It’s all about options.

  • You can scale your version of MaaS360 to the unique needs and size of your business. Get access for only as many users as you need at a time, save money, and keep your IT budget predictable.
  • The easy file-sharing and accessibility from MaaS360 makes collaboration among your employees easier than ever before, plus productivity is ensured by the easy accessibility and the constant uptime of your system. No more sitting and waiting around for your technology to catch up to you!
  • All of your files, contacts, email messages, and calendars can be accessed from anywhere you go – the office, home, or in the field with your mobile device. Log in online, and everything is synced up to make it easy for you.

Security and Reliability

We ensure the security of your MaaS360 solution with our own high levels of security as well as the reliable service of Fiberlink. Together, we make sure you never have to worry about your mobile technology failing you or being unavailable.

  • Built-in disaster recovery services to backup your files and make it easy to work on your systems from any computer you need.
  • No personal, private, or company confidential information is stored in the cloud; it remains in existing corporate systems and mobile devices.
  • Guaranteed uptime from Fiberlink and OnServe, so you can rely upon your service to always be there to back you up.

With a MaaS360 solution from OnServe and Fiberlink to Mobilize your IT, it’s easy to customize how you use the cloud to take your business out of the office and into the world. There are lot of reasons to trust in MaaS360 – and we’ll be there by your side to ensure it works for YOUR needs.

Looking for mobility? Learn how OnServe can free your IT from the desk – contact us today to book a free, no-obligation review of your business systems. Call (877) 996-6622 or send an email to sales@onserve.ca – we’re ready to help.