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Microsoft 365 Hacks on the Rise

Microsoft 365 Hacks on the Rise | How to Stay Safe

With new technological trends, most tasks have been automated, making business and even personal operations more convenient. The countless benefits of cloud computing have seen many businesses strive to take their businesses a notch higher, by incorporating IT in almost all sectors. In the recent past, many businesses have turned to Microsoft 365, to reap the numerous benefits of cloud computing.  But, is your IT system safe enough for your organization?

Well, there are challenges that result from every new technological invention.  One such challenge is the increase in cybersecurity threats that includes hacks. As technology advances, hackers are always alert and ready to interfere with the security of your IT system, and this could compromise your business data security. However, there are numerous ways to prevent or even counter rising hacking cases and secure your IT infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry.

Here are 6 tips to help you stay safe, amid the rising hack cases.

1. Establish a Multifactor Verification of User Detail

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to keep hackers at bay is creating a multifactor user authentication platform. This involves sending a verification code to an authorized user’s phone every time they attempt to log in to the system. Since phone numbers cannot be shared, this technique is more personalized, and will thus ensure that only authorized users can gain access to your business IT system.

At OnServe, we’ve got your business security at heart. We provide you with the right software to achieve maximum protection for your business, regardless of the size. With our customized Security as a Service Package, both perimeter and Gateway security of your business are enhanced.

In addition, your business is equally protected through End-Point protection for both personal computers and mobile devices. By incorporating multiple security layers, your business IT infrastructure’s security assessments are increased. In the end, hackers have no access to your data, making your transactions and customer details safe and secure.

2. Involve IT Experts to Monitor Your Systems on Your Behalf

It is important to note that any changes made to your IT system may compromise your IT security, leading to a decline in the overall security of your entire business. For instance, the introduction of new organizational leadership or even changing your staff members can mean a lot to your overall business security.

OnServe provides your business in Kingston and Brockville with top-notch IT tools that help monitor your business’ security on your behalf. These tools detect any changes made to your security details and affect the changes instantly, so your old staff will have no access to your system anymore.

As members exit your organization, they carry with them vital details regarding your business IT system, including user authentication details such as usernames and passwords. As such, malicious attacks are a possibility and should be prevented in advance.

Hiring an expert ensures that your network is monitored frequently, with every change being effected in real-time. With automated security tools, IT professionals will monitor any changes you make in your organization and effect any changes instantly. This serves to protect your system before a malicious user can even attempt to log in to your system.

3. Incorporating Security Assessment Tools

With the cloud computing services offered by Microsoft 365, your business information may be a target for hackers. Hackers have also become sophisticated and are aware of the harm they can cause to your business if they intrude.

It is thus recommended that you make use of data security assessment tools to assess any potential risks and take appropriate actions. This ensures that your business data is protected from hackers at all times.

Using up-to-date security assessment tools, such as data encryption as well as safeguarding your IT system from malware and spyware, your company’s security will be enhanced, and this protects your data and other valuable information. This lets you have peace of mind as you concentrate on your business growth.

With secure IT assessments from OnServe, you can track any weak points in your IT system, and take the right course of action to reduce the risk of cyberattacks. You are also in a position to identify areas that need to be prioritized and act accordingly before hackers can gain access to your IT system.

4. Customize Your Admin Accounts

Microsoft 365 gives you an opportunity to customize your admin accounts, thus creating a stronger bridge that keeps hackers at bay. With dedicated admin accounts, you can use your admin account for administrative purposes only, while you have another account for other business functions.

You should also ensure that your dedicated admin account has a multifactor authentication to restrict unauthorized access and ensure that you log out after every session.

5. Set Up Different Passwords for Different Accounts

While setting a strong password may sound like a sure way to protect your accounts, this alone may not be enough. If you operate multiple accounts within your business IT system, you need to optimize the security of these accounts by designing a different password for every account.

It is also important that you make your passwords unique; preferably making them at least 8 characters long, but as you do so, make them easy to remember. This not only makes it hard for others to guess, but also makes it easy to recover your account in the event that it has been hacked.

6. Train Your Team

Hackers have turned to phishing scams, where they entice people with tempting offers. Often, hackers will send emails or text messages that contain malicious links, such that clicking on these links automatically leads to other unsecure sites that fetch some personal or even company details. These details will be used against your company, to either corrupt your files or even extort money from employees.

However, with an informed team, hacks may be reduced as members will be made aware of what to accommodate and what to avoid. You can have an IT professional train your team on how to identify such links and avoid them, to ensure the safety of your IT system.

In addition, let your team be trained on how to protect their email accounts and devices. By following the guidelines provided by Microsoft, your team will be at par with the latest technology that helps them keep their data and business information safe, away from potential hackers.

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