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OnServe delivers unparalleled IT support to McDonald Thorne & Associates

OnServe has been providing exceptional services to McDonald Thorne & Associates for over 15 years. OnServe fully manages their client’s IT infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core business without ever needing to worry about their technology.                                                                                

McDonald Thorne & Associates is a Canadian chartered accountancy and consulting firm that provides close, personal attention to their clients. They are committed to excellence and have extensive experience in their field with years of advanced training, technical skill and financial acumen. As a company dealing with personal details and finances, they require a secure and up-to-date IT infrastructure. McDonald Thorne & Associates’ Carl DeJong says, “The biggest issue for us is ensuring all our systems are monitored, protected and maintained.”

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MTA is a company with constantly evolving technology challenges. They require a proactive service provider that will help their personnel use their time in the most efficient manner possible. They want to be able to focus on their core business without having to worry about their IT infrastructure. DeJong states, “We don’t have the time to maintain systems and we can’t afford downtime, especially during tax time.” He continues, “We have employees who are here 12-14 hours a day during the tax season and they need to be able to access the systems and data they need.”

Due to the nature of their business, preserving confidential personal details and financial information security is a high priority issue for MTA. DeJong explains, “Our data is very sensitive. We always deal with tax numbers and SIN numbers.” Everything MTA does on a daily basis has to be backed up, secured and protected from any outside threats”. That’s why outsourcing their IT to a professional team made the most sense.

The Situation: Canadian accountancy and consulting firm requires proactive IT support to keep their systems secure and up-to-date

MTA decided to partner with OnServe, who has been dedicated to meeting their technology needs for over 15 years. According to DeJong, “We’ve been using them from the get-go, we’re accountants, that’s what we do. We leave the computer and tech stuff up to them because that’s what they do and they’re the experts.”

OnServe maintains and manages MTA’s entire IT infrastructure. DeJong comments, “They have proved to us that we can call at any time and they encourage us to do it. Anything to do with the system no matter how big or small, any issue that arises on any machine.” He continues, “They can access everything remotely. All our machines are numbered, we can call and tell them machine 10 has an issue and they can pull it up remotely and immediately.”

MTA utilizes some different applications and associated databases to conduct their business. Their accounting software changes more often than most applications and their employee’s access, modify and update information continuously. OnServe consistently ensures that all software is kept up-to-date. MTA’s data is protected from unwanted changes and backed up so it can be recovered quickly should it be necessary. DeJong emphasizes, “We need daily back-ups. OnServe can access our systems remotely and back-up often. They can restore us to a particular time, if something happens I can call them up and they can do it no problem.”

MTA’s employees rely on the internet and email communication for most of their daily interactions. OnServe secures and protects MTA’s data and network from all kinds of malware, scams, intrusions and other threats. They also provide security advisories and have implemented policies and standards that deliver a continuous defense for their IT systems and sensitive information.

The Solution: Trusting OnServe to provide superior IT and security services

OnServe provides technical support and the expertise to ensure that MTA’s software and systems run efficiently. DeJong comments, “They take care of everything in the day to day, all our updates, licenses. They make sure we’re current in Microsoft and our virus checkers and serve as a strategic and proactive consultant for us.”

OnServe continues to adequately manage and maintain MTA’s IT infrastructure with ongoing services, including:

  •     Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  •     Security Services
  •     Full IT Management & Network Administration
  •     Help Desk and Remote Support
  •     IT Strategic Planning, C-Level Reporting and Guidance

MTA has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with OnServe. DeJong says, “We’re euphoric being partnered with them. The last few years have been amazing because we’ve gotten used to being able to call them with any issue. We call, they’ll start a ticket, we get notified and the problem gets fixed. You can’t ask for much better-managed technology support than that!”

DeJong does not hesitate to recommend OnServe to other businesses in their field. “We try to get other accounting firms on board with them. They’re getting excellent and understanding what the industry needs tech-wise; they’re getting to know the industry-wide standards. The more accountants they serve, the more they know and the better it is for us. So we’ll always recommend OnServe to others in our industry.”

OnServe is a strategic IT provider their clients can rely on. OnServe understands their clients’ needs and delivers the right support to eliminate their technology challenges. Contact us immediately at (877) 996-6622 or send an email to info@onserve.ca to benefit from our practical and tailored solutions.