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Maximize Your Law Firm’s Potential and Work-Life Balance with Cutting-Edge Cloud Technology

If your law firm is in need of a boost in productivity and you’re looking for a way to leverage technology to create a more organized, flexible customer relationship management system, the cloud is your answer.

Law Firm Technology

The opportunities to use cloud technology to help better manage all aspects of case and client management are many; here are a few that we recommend:

Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Relationship Management has seen a major facelift since the cloud became more mainstream in the legal world. Lexicata and Insightly offer law-firm-specific platforms to make running your business easier and more productive:

  • Lexicata – Specifically built for law firms, Lexicata offers a seamless client intake method that integrates with your CRM and keeps things running smoothly for the entire client relationship.
  • Insightly – This CRM offers a free version for solos and startups with up to two users. When combined with Insightly’s project management feature, the platform integrates CRM and project management in a convenient online environment that works with Android and iOS for remote functionality.

Online Meetings and Conferences

For solo and small law firms looking to communicate efficiently and consistently with clients and colleagues, consider these cloud-based collaboration tools:

  • Appear.in – Operating straight from your browser window, Appear.in allows you to click start and invite up to eight contacts for an instant audio or video consultation. Bonus: it’s completely free!
  • GoToMeeting – The collaboration software standard for online meetings, presentations, webinars, and video-conferences.
  • Slack – The Slack app can be downloaded or opened in a browser tab for all-day access to your collaboration tools. Conveniently exchange documents, files, and information with your team no matter where they are. Slack users say that the platform helps cut down on inter-office email by about 50% while increasing productivity and cutting through office information clutter.
  • Skype – Skype’s been around for a while so it’s a great tool when you want to use a video conferencing feature that is familiar to most anyone.

Content Management Software

Most law firms these days recognize the importance of becoming a thought-leader in their respective fields. In order to maximize your firm’s exposure and grow your business, you need an effective website and blog that streams current, relevant information to those looking for your services.

To keep your content accessible and up-to-date, consider these cloud-based content management tools:

  • Feedly – Keep the sites and the content you prefer streaming content directly to you on your schedule rather than having to search anew each day.
  • Pocket – Keep your latest time-consuming search collection organized for access at a later time with a one-click save to pocket.
  • SlideShare – Give others access to your PowerPoint presentations with the SlideShare’s convenient save feature.
  • SpeakWrite – This legal transcription platform offers an easy-to-use record/write process. Simply record your information and send it to SpeakWrite for quick, accurate transcription.
  • WordPress – The gold standard for website and blogging software, WordPress is open-source so it costs nothing to use—and since it is built for the end-user, it is easy to learn and user-friendly.

Analytics Tools

  • Google Analytics – Once you have your online presence nailed down, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t. Check out who is browsing for your services and what content is actually making an impression.

Document Storage

A paperless way of doing business is fast becoming the norm in the legal world. Online document storage makes the transition from traditional paper-and-file-cabinet methods to convenient online document management easy and secure.

  • Box – Share and store documents in Box, which integrates with many communication apps for seamless collaboration.
  • Dropbox – This popular document storage and file sharing app is familiar to most everyone, easy to use, and free.
  • Google Drive – Great for collaboration and sharing files, especially when sharing and working from spreadsheets between multiple users.
  • NetDocuments – This cloud-based email and document management service offers advanced encryption and security tools, which makes it is popular with law firms and corporate legal departments.


If your work includes litigation, you’ll need to deal with discovery requirements and electronic data management. These two offer a wide range of flexibility and price points:

  • Cicayda – Everything from small projects and complex, big data litigation is at home in Cicayda.
  • Everlaw – The speed of Google integrated with Apple products combined to provide a user-friendly platform.

Practice Management and Finances

Automate your financial processes for streamlined, seamless law firm budget management with these accounting tools:

  • FreshBooks – Solos love FreshBooks for its billing, time keeping, and accounting services.
  • LawPay – Designed specifically for law firms, LawPay gives your clients the safe and secure option of paying you with a credit card.
  • QuickBooks Online – Available in both desktop and online versions, this popular financial management tool allows you to track trusts, expenses, retainers, and invoices from one central location.
  • Square – If you want to accept credit cards in person, Square offers a device that conveniently hooks up to your smartphone or tablet for easy payment options.
  • Rocket Matter – This cloud-based platform offers a single app that integrates billing, time keeping, client portals, document storage, analytics, and reporting for the ultimate in law firm management in the cloud.

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