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Why Does Your Law Firm Need A Better Document Management Solution?

The Right Document Management Solution For Your Law Firm

Technology has transformed the practice of law in recent years. Beyond changes to business models, work methods and client services, the software you rely on is an integral part of your business that requires just as much attention as the rest of your firm.

Is your company bloated with decade-old reams of documentation and physical files? While a clear record of business is important, storing such files can be expensive, and referencing them can be inconvenient.

The right document management system is crucial for law firms of any size. But finding just what you need isn’t always easy. OnServe can help you find the legal-centric solution that will work best for you.

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Why Should Your Firm Invest In A Document Management Solution?

Increased Convenience

Once your documents have been properly scanned and organized digitally, we store them through the cloud to a remote off-site server. Depending on your business’ configuration (which we can set up to your satisfaction), those files can be accessed by any authorized person at any company workstation, home office or even a mobile device. This means no one has to go digging through filing cabinets in the building basement ever again to find that one file, saving your company time and money.

Lowered Expenses

Companies often rent out storage for large numbers of cumbersome filing cabinets containing records going years back. By storing your data off-site, you free up any space that the physical versions were occupying beforehand, which further saves you in resources.

Enhanced Data Security

Another benefit of remote digital storage is that your data is now safe from any disaster that could compromise your physical premises. Whether it’s a flood or a fire, unforeseen emergencies can quickly destroy old files, but through the cloud, your digitized files are always safe. Furthermore, the stored files are protected behind industry-standard security measures to ensure that no digital threat can compromise them.

What Will The Right Document Management Solution Do For Your Firm?

A document management system gives you the ability to organize your files in a manner that makes finding, sharing, and retaining them incredibly simple. Rather than depending on a complex, frustrating folder system, you simply search for a key piece of information and find the right file within a matter of seconds.

Features include:

  • Store documents for easy retrieval with the ability to share as needed and ensure relevant information is accessible.
  • Protect against unauthorized access with role-based permissions for file entry that ensures only the right people have access.
  • View all versions of any given document without having to keep copies of each possible version on hand.
  • Index and/or classify documents for quick, easy retrieval when necessary without having to search through tons of files.
  • Take advantage of a mobile application that lets you use your document management system on the go via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Maintain an up-to-date audit trail that lets you pull detailed reports on each file so you know when it was accessed and by whom.
  • Retain files for the mandatory six-year period with ease as you’re able to select how long you prefer to retain documents and receive reminders when needed.

What Document Management Solutions Should You Consider?

As an experienced IT company in the legal sector, OnServe recommends one of the following solutions for document management purposes at your firm:


As the name implies, SharePoint is designed to allow you to share files, collaborate, edit, and more with anywhere from a single coworker to an entire team. Files in SharePoint aren’t owned or associated with one specific person – everyone on the team has read and write access.

This Microsoft solution offers a great platform for document management and file management. Using SharePoint rather than transitional file shares enables users to access data wherever and whenever they need.


Due to the increasing use of a range of different, often incompatible software platforms, business conversations are increasingly disconnected. Correspondence and document attachments occur with people outside your organization using Outlook, but internal storage and conversations happen in SharePoint and Teams.

With Harmon.ie SmartAssistant, now you can effortlessly drag and drop emails and attachments directly to SharePoint or Teams channels, so everyone’s on the same page. This both enhances your document continuity, and provides a better user experience for your team.

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