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Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know.

Working Harder Than You Need To Be?

Everyone loves taking shortcuts, especially when it comes to your computer. If you can do a task faster than you could before, why not? Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that when press at the same time can perform tasks that would otherwise be tedious and time consuming.

You probably knew that the Windows Key opens up the start menu, but did you know that when combined with certain keys it can do a lot more?

  • Here are some Keyboard Shortcuts that work on any windows computer:
  • Windows + E: This shortcut quickly brings up your file browser, where you can access all of your documents and other files stored on your computer
  • Windows + L: This shortcut locks the screen, so that if you need to walk away from your computer you know that your desktop is secure.
  • Windows + U: This shortcut opens the Ease of Access Center where you can make adjustments to make your computer easier to use.
  • Windows + Tab: This shortcut lets you cycle through programs on the taskbar, making it super easy to flip through open windows and programs.
  • Windows + Plus Sign (+) or Minus Sign (-): This helpful shortcut lets you easily zoom in and out, this is especially helpful on computers that don’t have touch screen.

Most programs also come with their own built in shortcuts specific to the software. It’s always a good idea to check the program menu and have a look at some of the keyboard shortcuts available.

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