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Jacob Wilkins

After strenuously searching for a career that would allow him to help others while working with technology and improving his skillsets, Jacob Wilkins applied to become a Help Desk Service Professional at OnServe. Since then, he’s enhanced his ability to deal with high-stress situations and translate complex technical jargon into plain terms that are understandable for the average, non-tech savvy person.

As someone who’s always been passionate about new technology and its impact on the world and businesses, he enjoys resolving issues that are qualified as tier-one work and he’s very efficient while he solves problems and gets work done in a timely manner.

For the past year and a half, he’s been working in the IT industry, and he’s continuously inspired to continue on his path and keep eliminating stress and discomfort in the lives of those struggling with information technology. So what does he enjoy outside of work? He’s loved the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2007, when it was initially announced.

In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering for community theatres and replica prop building, especially when it’s combined with the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and of course, going to watch Marvel movies.