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SHHH! Here Are The Nine Secrets Other IT Support Companies In Kingston Will Not Tell You

IT Support Companies In Kingston, ON Are Holding Back Information You Need To Be Aware Of!

Your business deserves to know the truth.

Here it is:

You’re likely paying too much for your IT support and getting too little ACTUAL support from your IT services provider.

Here’s the problem.

You’re not an IT person, so you don’t know what your IT guy is doing, how long it should take, and what it should cost. For you, technology is a big black box. You just want it to work when you turn it on, and you want it to simplify the work your Kingston business does – not make it harder.

What Are The Secrets That Other IT Support Companies In Kingston Won’t Tell You?

Secret #1Not every IT problem has to be solved with an in-person repair call that disrupts your workflow. In fact, most IT issues can be dealt with remotely. Why is this important? Remote support saves you the pain of workflow disruption while the technician is sitting at one of your workstations and your employee is waiting impatiently for them to be done. PLUS, in-person tech visits cost you more money than remote repair and troubleshooting.

Secret #2Some IT support companies love it when your computer systems break down because that’s the only time they make money! This is called the break/fix model of IT support. Their business is dependent upon your pain. When you experience downtime, they are at their most profitable. This is the kind of IT support business that many small companies gravitate to when they are just getting started, but they quickly discover that it results in HIGH, unexpected IT bills.

Secret #3Each industry’s IT requirements and IT support needs are different. As a result, the IT services company that they choose needs to be fluent in the technology and the workflow of that particular industry. If you hire an IT company that doesn’t have clients already in your niche, be prepared to pay for their learning curve with money and time.

Secret #4No one in Kingston wants to talk badly about another Kingston business. While that is admirable and kind, it has created an environment in which bad IT support companies can flourish. Oh, they never keep clients for long, but because their clients don’t say anything to other business owners, the cycle of poor service and disappointment continues. You can break that cycle by asking for references and calling the references a prospective company gives to you. The first question you should be asking is, “How long have you been with ___________.” A great company should have glowing references that reflect investment in long-term, win-win relationships.

Secret #5The company with the most flash isn’t necessarily the best at IT support. Modern marketing allows sub-par IT support companies to look like a million bucks. But their glossy brochures, matching golf shirts, and splashy websites don’t necessarily mean that they know what they are doing when it comes to cybersecurity, Microsoft Office 365 support, mobile device management, or virtualization. So make sure that you’re paying for more than a pretty face and fancy promises.

Secret #6Some IT services businesses outsource their work to overseas companies and IT services contract workers. While this is accepted practice and many times can deliver adequate IT support, you need to know up-front if your passwords, information, and client data will be accessible by people outside the IT support company you are dealing with directly. Companies like OnServe handle everything in-house to ensure that companies like yours get the best service.

Secret #7The Managed IT Services model delivers higher uptime and greater efficiency than break/fix or retainer-based models. Managed IT Services is a subscription IT support strategy that provides continuous management, maintenance, and operational monitoring of your Kingston company’s IT assets in return for an easily-budgeted monthly fee. This model provides the best of dependable technology operation because the managed IT services provider is financially incentivized to keep your systems running flawlessly. To put it bluntly, they make their best profits when they keep you running without incident.

Secret #8 There are levels of expertise across the IT support companies of Kingston. Not every IT services company in our city is prepared to take on mid-size to large corporations. Oh, their website may SAY they can support “any size business,” but when it comes down to it, they don’t have the expertise or the experience needed for more than 5-10 computers per business. It’s okay that these smaller operations exist. Someone has to care for the IT support needs of micro-business and startups. However, if your business has progressed past that stage, it’s essential that your IT support choice can scale with your business as you grow. On the other side of the coin are the big IT services firms that care for the corporations. While they undoubtedly have the skillset, their pricing structure is not geared toward the mid-market enterprise.

Secret #9Not every IT solution supplier is created equal. Companies make their money in one of two ways. Either by selling you their time and expertise or by re-selling you someone else’s products. IT products are no different than the ones in a grocery or a department store. There are great ones, good ones, okay ones, and products that you just need to leave on the shelf. But here’s the deal… If you don’t know the difference, an unscrupulous IT tech can sell you a solution that works great for his pocketbook but doesn’t work great for your company’s internal processes. You see, each IT person has their favourite IT solutions. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you need someone that has done their research and can offer a variety of solutions and functionality that is customizable to your Kingston company’s workflow.

Now that you know the nine secrets other IT support companies in Kingston will not tell you, you can make a more informed choice about who your next IT support partner is going to be. The OnServe team would love to be on your short list, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about optimizing your computers, servers, tablets, smartphones, or cloud assets to help you be more productive and efficient.

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