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What Company Provides IT Services To Engineering Firms In Kingston, ON

Where Can You Find IT Services For Engineering Firms in Kingston, Ontario?

If you’re ready for hassle-free, reliable technology, we would love to discuss a partnership with your business in Kingston or Brockville, Ontario. Contact us today for more information on our IT services for engineering firms.  

Many Kingston, Ontario, engineering firms trust OnServe with their outsourced IT services. That’s because we provide 24-hour network security management and other IT services for engineering firms. OnServe Consultants work with your firm to develop a technology roadmap showing the steps needed to align your IT infrastructure with business objectives.

Often, the first step is tightening up your security protocols to reduce your vulnerabilities to ransomware and other malware attacks. Firms that fail to protect client data could find themselves in a class-action suit. Our job is to help you lay the groundwork to prevent that from happening so that you can concentrate on ongoing projects and growing your client portfolio.

What IT Services For Engineering Firms Does OnServe Offer?

OnServe offers the following service and more to our engineering clients:

  • Storage Consulting: Clients count on our network engineering consultants to make the most of the storage capacity on their servers. From consolidation to implementing additional storage space, we have you covered. As part of our services, we proactively assess current and future needs so that you’re prepared for growth and scalability.
  • Data Center Optimization: Optimize your data center to streamline operations and reduce costs. This critical function also improves the functionality of your network. Whether you need to consolidate data centers or migrate to one of our off-site facilities, we’ll help you determine the plan that makes the most sense for your engineering company and its clients.
  • Business Continuity: Disaster recovery is an important subset of business continuity. However, the breadth of business continuity is wider. Make data security a top priority by engaging OnServe consultants to build a business continuity plan. We help you identify key systems, create on-premise and remote backups and monitor your network day and night. Our services include preventive measures that catch threats early to minimize downtime in the case of an attack or another emergency.
  • Virtualization. Engineering systems and files take up a lot of resources based on their complexity. As part of our on-site assessment, we take all your computing needs into account, including operating systems, hardware, applications, and infrastructure. It’s important to determine what parts of your IT infrastructure to virtualize. Virtualizing your data and applications makes it easier to create redundant backups and recover quickly from downtime.

What About Security Consulting?

“The average cost to the Canadian companies of a breach was $6.11 million, up 5.6 percent,” according to IT World Canada.

Security practices and procedures are included in every design, implementation, and maintenance task we tackle. We proactively research and implement emerging solutions that can optimize your cybersecurity readiness.

Best IT Services For Engineering Firms in Kingston, Ontario

If you’re ready for hassle-free, reliable technology, we would love to discuss a partnership with your business in Kingston or Brockville, Ontario. Contact us today for more information on our IT services for engineering firms.