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Who Delivers the Best IT Services for Law Firms in Kingston, Ontario?

OnServe: Best IT Services for Law Firms in Kingston, Ontario

Contact OnServe today for IT Services for Law Firms in Kingston, Ontario and Brockville, Ontario. Call OnServe at (613) 634-8125 or visit us online for more information on how we can meet your law firm’s technology needs. 

Managed IT services provide comprehensive IT support and security to Kingston, Ontario, law firms. You can outsource up to 100% of your firm’s maintenance, management, security, and innovation needs for predictable monthly payments.

According to IBIS World, the IT consulting industry is growing by 5% a year as law firms and other businesses outsource their IT functions in order to concentrate on their core business operations. If your firm hasn’t already done so, it may be a good idea to consider IT services for law firms in Kingston, Ontario.

Who Can You Trust for Dependable IT services for Law Firms in Kingston, Ontario?

Whatever area of law your solicitors and barristers focus on, you need a consultancy that can handle the technological complexities and privacy concerns of your Ontario law firm. Every firm also needs to follow the regulations that govern data backups, email retention and confidentiality requirements.

Cybersecurity is another important area; law firms need to ensure that their sensitive client data isn’t leaked to thieves on the Dark Web.

“Cybersecurity has jumped in importance for leaders. In 2016, 11% of respondents said security was an issue, compared to 39% today,” according to a recent survey.

OnServe can provide the support, security and confidentiality you need and run your IT infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your caseload and billable time.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Managed IT Services?

IT Services for law firms in Kingston, Ontario, provide proactive, comprehensive IT support for your law firm. It’s often cheaper to outsource these services to experts than to hire and manage in-house resources that required training, benefits and other considerations that can bloat your overhead budget.

Our IT consultants change the way you manage your IT infrastructure. In-house teams are often limited by maintaining and fixing your core systems. However, OnServe doesn’t wait for your systems to break or for a data breach to occur to make changes. We proactively monitor and evaluate your systems and network.

A holistic approach is needed to manage both the health of your current environments and to plan strategic upgrades that will make the firm more efficient.

What IT Support for Ontario Law Firms Does OnServe Offer?

OnServe offers the following services to law firms?

Additionally, our consultants answer questions about the IT process and empower your solicitors and staff to work efficiently by automating day-to-day processes. Whether you’re looking to implement the latest cloud solutions or need a comprehensive IT security policy, OnServe can help.

What Law Firm Software Does OnServe Support?

Our talent pool of IT professionals includes consultants proficient in the following and additional law firm software products:

  • Amicus
  • Abacus
  • Bill4Time
  • BQE
  • Clio
  • Legal Files
  • Office 365
  • PC Law
  • PracticePanther
  • TrialWorks

How Can IT Services for Law Firms Streamline Office Processes?

By enabling mobile workflows through secure applications and networks, your office staff can work remotely on tablets and smartphones without compromising client or firm information. Your IT services provider should also respond quickly to help desk tickets and troubleshooting request. This helps everyone in your office be as productive as possible.

Your technology should be an asset and not a hassle. Let us streamline your processes and improve communications, as well as facilitate client interaction. We understand your time needs to be spent on dealing with clients and researching cases. That’s why all answer provides comprehensive IT services for law firms.

IT Services for Law Firms in Kingston, Ontario

Contact OnServe today for IT Services for Law Firms in Kingston, Ontario and Brockville, Ontario. Call OnServe at (613) 634-8125 or visit us online for more information on how we can meet your law firm’s technology needs.