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Why We Are Better Than Other IT Services Companies in Kingston, ON

IT Services Companies in Kingston Canada

Tony the Tiger used to say, “THEYRRRE GRRREAT!”

And I think Tony would agree that the OnServe team is “GRRREAT” too!

Small to mid-size companies throughout the Kingston, ON area rely on the IT services that OnServe provides to drive innovation and collaboration within their companies and to enable a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

The question at hand, however, is why OnServe is better than the other IT services companies in the Kingston, ON area.

While we certainly have no intention of or desire to denigrate any of the tech-related companies or IT support individuals in our city, we are proud of our company and believe that we are not only better than the others…we’re the BEST!

To explain what we mean when we say that we are better than the other IT support companies here in Kingston, let us relate a recent interaction our staff had with a prospective client.

The troubles for our prospective client – let’s call him Tim – started out in a boardroom.

You see, “Tim” is the CIO of a mid-size manufacturing operation here in Kingston. His company makes OEM parts for lawn tractors.

The problem with the board meeting was that the board decided on buying a new 60,000 square foot facility and expanding from stamped parts into injection moulding.

That single decision meant that Tim’s job just got a whole lot more complex.

Not only would the new facility require cabling, a network, mobile access points, and interconnectivity between process controls and the new equipment, it would be a nightmare for interoffice and multi-location security.

Tim sat in the meeting thinking, “These guys are visionaries. Good for them. But they have NO IDEA what they are asking for.”

Over the next month, Tim worked thirteen-hour days futilely trying to pull together all of the initial designs costs, vendors, hardware, and software he was going to need to pull off this miracle.

Then the bomb dropped.

The CEO called to say that the project’s timeline had been moved up from a year to six months. A competitor had moved into the space, and if they were going to keep and gain market share, they had to act quickly.

Tim sighed as he pushed “End Call” on his cell phone and laid it on the desk.

“It can’t be done,” he thought.

An hour later – after the day’s third cup of coffee – Tim had a moment of inspiration.

If he and the in-house IT tech couldn’t handle it all, the work, management, and maintenance of the new facility would have to be outsourced.

Fortunately, for Tim and for us, OnServe was his first call.

After the initial meeting, it took about a month of constant communication with Tim to lay the groundwork for the new plant’s IT.

From month number two right down to the wire, we worked with Tim, his in-house IT guy, their vendors, purchasing department, and support staff to make it happen.

But it DID happen!

Month number six came, and we were ready to throw the “ON” switch on not only the new facility’s production and controls technology but also the collaboration and security umbrella for both the original plant and the new injection moulding plant.

So How Does This Story Prove To You, The Reader, That OnServe Is Better Than The Other IT Support Companies In Kingston, ON?

  • First, we have the capacity, financial stability, technical expertise, and organizational skills to put together and deliver on a project of this magnitude.
  • Second, we brought Tim’s project in on time and on
  • Third, we worked hand in glove with Tim and others from his company to make it happen.
  • Fourth, we have the skillset needed to help Tim’s company continue to scale as they gain more market share.

But that’s not all!

We’re better than the others because our clients are better than the others.

Haven’t you noticed that quality companies seek out other outstanding companies and forge long-term win-win relationships with those businesses?

Check out what the OnServe Clients have to say about us!

“OnServe has exceeded my expectations! They are always available by phone and respond quickly to email. They are responsive and knowledgeable. They are in the business of solving problems quickly and always seem to prioritize my time and convenience over theirs. But they go far beyond solving problems simply as they arise. OnServe’s business model is designed to put the client first by ensuring an efficient, secure network environment for a fixed monthly cost. That means their interests and mine are one and the same. Because network errors, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities generate more calls to the help desk and time spent “putting out fires”, OnServe is proactive by improving my network through multitiered security, expert advice and procurement of necessary upgrades, and by establishing relationships with the my software vendors. That’s right!… OnServe initiated and maintains relationships with my software vendors to create additional efficiencies. They even schedule and install my software vendor’s updates. Many companies over promise and under deliver. OnServe is an exception! I consider them a valued partner in my medical practice!” — Dr Kevin Lachapelle, MD FRCSC

Or what about this happy customer…

“Previously we had had a casual, on-call IT provider. The Township had come to realize that what was needed was a more dedicated and proactive approach to our IT management. OnServe was able to reorganize our existing technology, as well as provide a plan for hardware replacement. OnServe also acts on behalf of the Township to deal directly with third-party suppliers for issues related to software problems and internet connectivity issues. They provide on-call support staff that is available via phone and email with quick response times. The support staff is never condescending when dealing with non tech-savvy staff. Recently OnServe has taken over installation of software updates from our vendors, which occur regularly and were previously very difficult to process. OnServe also recommended and implemented an offsite backup system that ensures we would be able to recover data in the event of a loss of hardware. OnServe is a perfect solution for municipalities or businesses which do not have the manpower for a dedicated IT staff, but rely on computers for daily operations.” — Melanie Kirkby, Director of Finance, Treasurer, Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley

Is It Our Expertise That Draws New Clients To Us? – Yes!

It is our professionalism and fast response to IT issues that makes a client want to stay with us? – Yes!

Is it our people that make our clients want to recommend us? – Yes!

Are we better than all the other IT support companies in Kingston, ON?

We think so, but why don’t you call, talk with us about YOUR IT plans and challenges and decide for yourself who is the best IT support company in Kingston?

We’re ready for your call!

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