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Strategic Partnerships Between IT and HR Enhance Compliance and Reduce Costs

Strategic Partnerships Between IT and HR Enhance Compliance and Reduce Costs

Are you missing the value that synergies between IT and HR can provide? From bringing new skills on board to helping promote change, HR can be the MVP of your next tech initiative.  

With record-lows in unemployment, Canadian companies are struggling to find the technical support needed to maintain momentum on critical initiatives. Employees are often becoming frustrated with archaic and high-touch employment practices, causing companies to lose top talent to smaller competitors while also spending valuable HR time on poorly-configured workflows. Bringing together these two vital departments of the organization can create a positive ripple effect that reduces not only overall costs and boost compliance factors, but also is responsible for bringing hot new talent to the table.

IT and HR Compliance In Kingston Ontario

Reducing HR Workflow Costs and Capturing Top Talent

Is your overworked HR team having a difficult time working with applicant tracking systems (ATS) platforms for candidates, risking frustration for job seekers, and overwhelming staff with paperwork? Fine-tuning the technology that is used to recruit, onboard, and train talented professionals may be an exceptional use of IT time, particularly if you are hiring in sectors where talent is scarce. In Canada, even though 60% of companies have allocated budget to hiring on their IT teams, nearly 90% of those companies are having a hard time finding skilled workers. This is particularly true in the cybersecurity, software development, and database management areas, where individuals with these in-demand skills can command top dollar — and are quick to pass up opportunities that don’t feel like a good cultural fit. Streamlining your HR workflow allows you to filter more quickly through unqualified candidates so you can focus time and attention on nurturing those future superstars who will help your company differentiate from the competition.

Closing the Communication Loop to Enhance Compliance

One of the biggest frustrations for technology teams is learning that the new systems that business users had to have are not being utilized to their fullest potential — or worse yet, that the systems have been abandoned altogether. This is one arena where human resources professionals can help support their IT colleagues by continuous communication to staff members indicating the value of change and how it will positively impact the organization and individuals in the future. Encouraging individuals to embrace change certainly will not happen overnight. Still, HR can help shift the culture over time into a less change-averse version of the organization that will be more likely to adopt new solutions than to rebel against them.

When staff members are open to utilizing approved systems, they are less likely to be investing their time and effort into workarounds — also known as systems of questionable security and compliance with current standards. Compliance comes in a variety of flavors, and outliers can be as simple as staff utilizing removable USB drives to transfer files to colleagues instead of sending links to a secure online storage platform via email. The detachable USB drive issue is so prevalent that one security expert explains: “You have to consider a USB infected and throw it away as soon as it touches a non-trusted computer. And that’s incompatible with how we use USB devices right now.” Having the human resources team provide ongoing education around the dangers of non-compliance to staff members can reduce risk and improve operations.

Collaboration between technology professionals and your human resources team doesn’t have to be a challenge. When these crucial teams can work together seamlessly, the entire organization benefits from the synergies. This type of partnership doesn’t happen overnight but requires ongoing effort on both sides. Fortunately, the professionals at OnServe have deep experience working with Kingston and Eastern Ontario companies to create cohesion between teams by using next-generation tools and insight. Contact OnServe at 613-634-8125 to schedule your free initial consultation to see how your IT solutions can provide workable platforms for your teams throughout your corporation.