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Internet Security Awareness

Internet Security Awareness In Kingston & Brockville

Over the years, there has been a steady rise in cyber attacks. Although business leaders are constantly looking for ways of protecting businesses and enhancing security across all sectors, there has also been an increase in sophistication in these attacks as cybercriminals are coming up with new ways to launch attacks. Firewalls, email security, and antivirus software are some of the security controls used by most organizations.

Although these solutions provide the required defense against cyber threats, most businesses often overlook the need for internet security training. Human error is one of the leading causes of data breaches. Therefore, the importance of security awareness training cannot go unnoticed. Here are the top benefits that internet awareness training holds.

Promotes Awareness

Human error is among the leading causes of cyberattacks. However, a well-trained workforce is a key to effective security. The right internet security awareness program will instill knowledge, awareness, and confidence in employees to be in a position to recognize security threats that may occur and how to deal with the issues as they escalate properly.

If training on internet security is provided from time to time, it emphasizes the significance of internet security awareness education among employees and builds a culture of being security-aware. The more informed your employees are on the threats they face, the better as they will protect your business from these attacks. Furthermore, you will be more proactive in your cyber security measures.

Reduce Downtime

Attacks and security incidences are pretty costly and can take much time to restore and reinstate normalcy in business operations.

However, suppose your employees are familiar with cybersecurity issues, and they clearly understand the roles they are supposed to play in keeping your business safe. In that case, there is a minimal chance that a cyber attack can occur, and thus you are assured that normal business operations will continue.

Improve Customer Confidence

According to KPMG, customers are increasingly becoming aware and concerned about internet security risks. As customers become more aware of cybersecurity threats, businesses need to respond by implementing technologies and tools that prove they are well protected from cyber attacks to increase their customers’ confidence.

A recent study by Ponemon indicated that 31% of customers said that they cut their ties with a breached entity after a data breach, whereas 65% said that they lost trust in the entity after being affected by one or more breaches. The statistics indicate the importance of having a strong security posture.

Therefore one of the most crucial tools that every business should have is internet security awareness training. This is because it allows employees to follow the best practices in mitigating security threats. Furthermore, if customers are aware your business is taking the appropriate measures to curb cyber threats, their confidence will increase, increasing your chances of doing business with them.

Guarantees Compliance

The number of regulations companies are required to observe is constantly on the rise. This is well shown in a study conducted by Hyperproof on IT compliance benchmarks. In this study, 83% of the participants planned to buy a new tool to automate and streamline their compliance and risk management processes.

This same study shows 61% of the respondents have experienced at least one compliance or security incident in the last three years.

Suppose your business handles classified or sensitive data; regulatory compliance is a must. If records are mishandled, it could significantly affect your business. For instance, you might endure fines and reputational damage.

However, introducing an internet security training program will ensure your employees are accustomed to compliance policies and understand how to handle delicate information and data. This, in turn, adds a layer of security to your business, strengthening your compliance efforts.

Reduce Threats

Internet security awareness is critical to your security structure to minimize the risk that could lead to data breaches and other cybersecurity threats.

Training your workforce on internet security awareness allows your employees to be attentive to information security best practices. Including technologies and applications, they interact with at the workplace consisting of websites, email, and social media. This program allows employees to understand common attacks like phishing and spear-phishing.

However, security leaders can take it a notch higher by starting to conduct phishing simulations. This involves sending deceptive emails that are symbolic of malicious emails to employees. It is an ideal tool as it is used to gauge employee awareness of the attack and how they are supposed to respond when they receive a phishing email, encouraging more training for certain individuals if necessary.

Empowers your Workforce

The last thing that you need is your employees second-guessing their actions. For instance, if your employees are aware of how a phishing email looks, they are less likely to open the malicious message. Instead, they’ll send it to the trash bin with confidence.

Having employees who are empowered by confidence and are aware of the risks, they are less likely to make any human error that could have a detrimental effect. Additionally, they are less likely to waste time second-guessing their actions. Employees equipped with appropriate knowledge can handle any threats themselves.

Saves Time and Money

Internet security training is a wise investment. It is estimated that companies part with $400 billion each year when dealing with data breaches and similar attacks. In the U.S., it could cost a company $15.4 million to deal with a single attack. With this in mind, the cost of proper internet security training is worth it if it can prevent even a single cyber-attack.

On the other hand, if an attack were to occur, it would take your workforce a significant amount of time and energy to address the damage. This time can best be utilized on other functions of the business. Luckily, with internet security awareness, this problem can be phased out.

It is with no doubt that internet security awareness training offers significant benefits to your business. However, it is critical to partner with the right IT service providers so that you can get an excellent program. For top-notch IT services, contact OnServe for regular internet security awareness training for your staff.

Special thanks to the team at Pure IT in Calgary for their help with this research.