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The Importance of Cloud Security

The Importance of Cloud Security

Working in the cloud makes your business and data vulnerable, setting you up as a viable target to cybercriminals. But shying away will risk your business losing all the other benefits of cloud-based services. From improved efficiency to reliable business continuity and cost efficiency, cloud services ensure business performance and growth. Since most Canadian businesses prefer using Cloud Services but still want to maintain the integrity of their data, the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity stepped in. The federal cybersecurity organization announced essential guidelines to help in the acquisition of cloud security.

Even with the set guidelines, some businesses have refused to integrate cybersecurity into their business system. Either due to cost or the fear of configuration failures, cybersecurity remains essential. Here’s why:

The Importance of Cloud Security

Visibility and Access Control

Using cloud services means that every employee can access the information and applications they need. As long as they have a stable internet connection, the location, and time won’t hinder their access. This accessibility also increases the susceptibility for an attack.

That is, if an employee accesses the Cloud Service through a public network, your data is vulnerable to viruses or phishing. Cloud security ensures the use of advanced encryption technologies to keep unauthorized people out. Automatic updates also help patch up any openings to potential hackers and intrusion.

Aids in Disaster Recovery

Cloud security takes out the need to back up data on physical devices that can also be compromised. Instead, it keeps data stored, secured, and mirrored against multiple servers. This means that if one server fails, the data backs up instantly on another and then another.

This ensures top-notch recovery solutions that will ensure business continuity regardless of unforeseen negative occurrences.

Helps in the Compliance of Regulations

Constant protection of the integrity of any businesses’ data remains compliant with set regulations. In this case, the guidelines set by the  Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity. Failure to do so will have the business itself blamed for the outcome, not the service provider.

All businesses in Canada, under Canada’s private sector privacy legislation, are accountable for their data. Therefore, you need to choose a service provider that meets the recommendations provided by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Elimination of Weak Links

There have been numerous cases where vital business information has leaked to the public. The leak can be brought about by a hacker but also by an internal employee. With cloud security, you can control which employees have access to specific types of data.

This control helps you protect the integrity of your business, protect future business prospects, and ward of unscrupulous employees and hackers.

Protection Against Security Breaches

Security breaches, once they’ve happened, may take a while before they’re detected. By the time they are, extensive damage to a business’s financial and corporate health occurs.

There have been increased warnings of cybercriminals targeting businesses using cloud-based servers. In the same way, cloud services can offer great flexibility to their users; they can do the same for hackers. In other words, they can use these services as a business platform and speed up their attacks.

This is where the importance of Cloud Service Security comes in. Having it integrated into your business system helps you operate day to day with a clear mind. With the constant patching up of security breaches, advanced threat detection, and a high ability to withstand intrusions, cloud security is your best bet.

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