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The Huge Online Dangers Your Small Business Is Overlooking

Online DangersThe most important lesson to be learned about hackers and cyber criminals is that no company, regardless of size or industry, is exempt from an attack. Too many small business owners operate under the assumption that hackers aren’t interested in their data – leaving them susceptible to crippling attacks with potentially devastating effects.

Of course, large corporations such as Samsung, Amazon, and Apple are ideal targets, but small businesses are often easier to infiltrate and offer plenty of opportunities.

  • Tech company Symantec issued a report that showed three out of every five cyber attacks targeted small businesses.
  • In addition, Magazine found that 71% of all data breaches target small businesses with less than 100 employees. Average attacks cost roughly $36,000 in damages and lost revenue – often the amounts are enough to cripple operations.

Why Target A Small Business?

  • The fact that so many small business owners aren’t prepared for these attacks is what makes them so appealing to hackers: targeting a large corporation takes much more work.
  • A major issue is that too many small business owners take a reactionary approach to security – they believe issues can be dealt with after they occur, which often leads to downtime, lost wages, and a tarnished reputation.
  • As long as you’re storing data or client information, your business is at risk. Cyber criminals are smart, and their methods are increasingly complex – storing customer data is a huge responsibility and requires strategic planning and proactive care.

What’s Your Best Defense?

IT security isn’t a one-time thing – it isn’t just a firewall, an anti-virus solution, or protection for your inbox. The best defense is a strategic, proactive approach – and it’s ongoing. Threats are constantly evolving, which means your defense needs to evolve too.

  • Accounting for every possible scenario is key – it’s crucial to discuss business continuity strategies, effective data storage methods, and the proper processes to follow after an attack occurs.
  • Did you know that a large percentage of breaches are a result of disgruntled ex employees? Approximately 45% of US government cyber attacks were originated by inside sources. This is why it’s crucial to be extremely selective with who you grant administrative access to your sensitive data.
  • It’s also imperative that employees understand best practices for security, especially industry-specific compliance standards. Investing time in employee training can prevent avoidable disasters such as malware or phishing scams.

At the end of the day, the security of your operations is in your hands. Too many small businesses work with the mindset that’ a breach can never happen to me’ – which, in the end, often leads to disaster. Working with a reliable Managed Services partner to plan strategically for your unique security needs (as well as the always-evolving security landscape) is an ideal way to stay ahead of cyber criminals and malicious attacks.

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