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How to Best Leverage Your IT Management Partner

Making the most of your IT partner can be a challenge for some small to medium size businesses, but with a little digging around and some finesse, any small business executive can leverage their IT management partner into a fully-fledged business partner as well. Doing this may take a bit of patience and collaboration, but it will pay off in multiple ways to have your IT support company championing your business productivity and IT network performance in the way only it can.

IT Management

  1. Let them work for you on as many fronts as possible. Many IT companies offer a broad range of services that include cloud services, telecom/telephony, web and email hosting, site and server monitoring, software development, hardware rollouts, and much more. Taking your IT management firm up on as many services as possible to optimize your overall network and data center performance is a wise way to make the most of your IT partner.
  2. Cherry-pick the services you need, tailor-made for your operations set-up. Although the ideal IT management company will offer the most services possible, selecting only those that specifically enhance the performance of your network infrastructure. A good example is if you don’t do a lot of remote project collaborations, you wouldn’t need Workspace as a Service (WaaS).
  3. Choose the most responsive, help-desk oriented partner. Your IT management partner won’t do you a lot of good if it’s 3 a.m., your server just went down, and you get an after-hours message instead of a quick response. Choosing an IT strategist who’s as hands-on, responsive, and long-term-solution-oriented as possible is another way to get the most out them.
  4. Get an IT management partner you can reach your business goals with. You don’t want to get stuck with an IT management team that can’t integrate your overall business goals into a management strategy – or worse, one whose IT management style works against your goals due to lack of real partnership vision. They should truly embody the definition of a partner.
  5. Don’t go with any IT company or personalities who you wouldn’t also want as a business partner. There really are two kinds of IT companies – ones you can truly call a business partner and ones that are like technicians who mostly engage in “squeaky wheel gets the grease” reactivity where IT network solutions are involved. Having an IT support company who’s a real champion of you and your long-range business goals might sound impossible, but isn’t. There are IT partners who will work – and genuinely want to work – for and with you.

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