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How Much Do Multiple Monitors Boost Productivity?  

While some feel more isn’t always better, it actually is when it comes to monitors.  Some feel that paying for multiple monitors for employees is just a waste of space and money.  That’s a myth.  According to the report in the NY Times by a Jon Peddie Research survey, multiple monitors can increase productivity by 20 to 30 percent.

Dual Monitors

A Closer Look at the How

So, how do multiple monitors actually increase productivity?  The answer is quite simple.  It takes less time to complete tasks with multiple monitors.  Typically, computer tasks entail, drafting emails, data entry, leaving a chat box open while working, comparing products side-by-side, comparing images and spreading spreadsheets across monitors to view a report.  This all takes time. Just with drafting weekly reports and data entry, you have to open the report template, open all related documents, switch back to the report template, double-check accurate information and repeat the process again until the report is finished.

It takes a lot of time to switch between documents.  With multiple monitors, employees can leave the first source document open, pull up the report template and switch between documents in less time, even when there are only three documents to compare.  It’s just less clicks.

What It Adds Up To

“According to the University of Utah, multiple monitors can save each employee 2.5 hours each day if they use it for all of their tasks.  If you have 30 employees, a second monitor saves you 75 hours a day, 375 hours a week, 1650 hours a month, and 18,825 hours a year.  Even if you’re paying these employees a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which you’re most likely not, you’re still saving at least $136,481.25 a year.  Investing in multiple monitors can significantly increase your employees’ productivity, increase their value and decrease your costs.  When you can cut costs, you increase your profit margin.”  If you can save money, why wouldn’t you?

More Studies on Multiple Monitors

A Utah study discovered that employees had a 44 percent increase in productivity for text tasks and a whopping 29 percent rise for spreadsheet tasks when using multiple monitors.  It also showed a $1.5 million in cost saving in one year with a business of 250 employees.  And in a Georgia study, employees were able to complete tasks 2 ½ minutes faster using a multiple monitor setup.

“According to University of California Irvine professor Gloria Mark, switching attention between different tasks is where a huge amount of time is lost at work.  The more people switch their attention, the higher the frequency or the less duration percent on any computer screen, the less productive they are at the end of the day, Mark told Mic. We know from many years of work there is a cost to re-orienting to a new task.”

Ideal Candidates for Multiple Monitors

Multiple monitors work best for employees who multitask.  Workers who read financial reports, manage inventory levels, respond to email, review time sheets, check the Internet for the latest news and prepare summary information for executives are ideal candidates for multiple monitors.  If you’re considering multiple monitors, it’s wise to ensure that your computer system has an adequate system to support it.  Things like RAM, power supply, motherboards and other computer system resources also need to be in check.  Simply put, you need to make sure that your system can handle it.  Here’s a tip. Make sure that all of your monitors are the same size and positioned at the same height, or else your eyes will have to work harder to adjust from one monitor to the next as you go back and forth.

Just as a farmer needs a tractor, most businesses need technology tools, and the main tool is a computer. The computer has emerged as a needed tool for businesses.  Adding multiple monitors to your computer is a bit complicated, and a managed service provider can assist with the addition.  Today, multiple monitors are no longer just the norm with Silicon Valley companies and trading desks on Wall Street.  It’s common for all businesses.  Three or more screens have taken over due to its affordability and decreasing bulkiness of displays.  It enhances the computer experience for employees and adds to efficiency.  And instead of toggling between second screens in their laps and palms, employees prefer to toggle with just a glance using a third or fourth screen sitting side by side on their desks.

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