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Data and Workflow Hosting Solutions: Host IT

Cloud Hosting and Hosted Applications are Transforming the Way Your Competition is Doing Business. Are You Keeping Up?

Companies across southern Ontario are moving to cloud hosting as a way to backup and secure both their data and workflow.


Because they don’t want the up-front capital costs associated Cloud Backups/Server Redundancywith in-house hardware, and they want the reliability and convenience of accessing data and applications via any internet-connected device.

  • SCALABLE – Our computing resources are fully scalable, both up or down, so you can manage costs as business requirements change.
  • GEO REDUNDANT – Our infrastructure is based in Tier 3 data centres here in Canada. The facilities offer physical and IT security, redundant power grids, multiple internet providers, and backup power. We also provide geographic redundancy between Eastern and Western Canada.
  • SECURITY WITH CANADIAN DATA PROTECTION – Your personal and business data is stored in Canada and is protected by law. Canadian privacy laws (including PIPEDA) prohibit service providers from disclosing private information.
  • LOWER COST – Refreshing server hardware every refresh cycle, keeping them up to date, and managing ongoing costs are things of the past. Migrating your workflows to the cloud can lower your total cost of ownership and lighten the burden.

OnServe has made it easy and secure for you to move data and workflow into the cloud. Here are our two major Host IT options.

Host IT – Hosted Apps or Software as a Service

In this Host IT option, we provide you with the ability to use the applications you depend on every day from anywhere you happen to be. Some of the applications that we commonly host for our clients are:

  • Office 365 Applications
  • Office 365 Backup
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft One Drive

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Host IT – Cloud Hosting

Putting your servers, workflow, data, and applications into the cloud can be complicated!

That’s why OnServe is Making IT Easy for small businesses to get it right. OnServe’s engineers’ architect the solutions, find the right data centre

  • Hosted Servers: Fully provisioned and dedicated (guaranteed) compute resources are backed by the highest Service Level Agreement, elastic resourcing with real-time cloud meter, and simple, hourly billing. Available with installed OS or bare metal.
  • Remote Desktops (VDI): Give users access to your business applications from anywhere and on just about any device (iOS, Android, Windows). A Windows desktop experience can be delivered to your remote workforce anywhere there is an internet connection or VPN.
  • File Sync: FileSync allows users to create, share, and synchronize files and folders, so they appear to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of which device is used to view it – including through a web portal. A true business-grade file-sync product with superior security and administrative feature sets.
  • Cloud Backups/Server Redundancy: This solution is built for high-demand environments and supports the backup of physical and virtual servers, regardless of physical location or server OS. Supports secure database backup environments such as MS SQL, MS Exchange (Full, Block and Brick Level) email and other popular business applications.
  • Office 365 backup: Office 365 is fast becoming the defacto desktop solution for end users. However, Office 365 has severe limitations regarding data recovery and protection. The OnServe O365 Cloud to Cloud Backup solution offers protection and recovery of your critical data.

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Our Cloud Partners: 

We believe that our customers get the best value by using top-quality Canadian Tier 3 partners. That’s why we have partnered with Canada’s leading cloud datacentres and solution providers.

How Does Cloud Computing Improve Your Competitive Edge?

Leaders are men and women who see opportunities that others don’t see and make the most of those opportunities. Leaders across the spectrum of industries are using the cost savings, flexibility, security, and reliability of cloud-hosted solutions to squeeze an extra few percentage points of efficiency from their internal processes.

Because most businesses have strong competitors, an extra few points of efficiency is the leverage they need to edge out their competition. After all, deadlines are tight, margins are thinner than ever, and the global market doesn’t sleep.

By harnessing the power and benefits of cloud computing, business leaders enable their employees to work in ways that are intuitive and mobile.