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Healthcare IT Support

So many South Eastern Ontario Managed Services Providers approach IT in the exact same way: in terms of the technology that they know how to use. It’s all about their list of technologies, the certifications their engineers have, the latest tech gimmick that they’d love to sell you.

Are Your Healthcare Workers Overwhelmed by Patient Demand & IT Security Needs? Are Your Management Costs Going Through the Roof?

Have You Tried Our Cloud Services? They Can Help Ease Your Workload, Save You Money, Increase Your Efficiencies, Protect Your Patients’ Data, and Much More.

When a healthcare practice in the Ottawa Valley needed better IT security to protect their sensitive data, and they were feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about how or where to start, the team at OnServe took care of everything.

They had been dealing with a local company that supplied their computers and other technology, but this company didn’t offer any proactive IT services or security that aligned with their needs. OnServe did. And we do this for many other healthcare organizations in the Ottawa Valley.

Cybersecurity is a primary concern for healthcare organizations today. With the ever-evolving sophisticated threats, how can you possibly keep track of what security solutions will work and which won’t? You can’t. Today, it takes an expert in Healthcare IT and Cybersecurity to ensure your patient information is secure.

The Health IT team at OnServe knows what you need.

We provide the IT services and cybersecurity solutions that both meet and exceed your needs. We’ll keep your data secure while improving your technology’s performance and reliability.

You must comply with PHIPA and PIPEDA regulations. If you can’t, it will have a devastating effect on your healthcare business. A data breach of patient information may trigger damage to your organization, bad publicity, loss of trust and public confidence, and potentially, loss of future business.

Cloud Computing Provides Many Benefits for Healthcare Providers in Ontario.

As the demand for healthcare rises, more of our healthcare clients are turning to cloud computing. Healthcare providers are suffering from increased costs due to patient demand, and sometimes IT security takes a back seat when trying to get things done.

When you migrate your practice to the Cloud, not only will you benefit from enhanced productivity and efficiencies, your patient information will be more secure.

Cloud services from OnServe provide a cost-effective, on-demand resource for you and your healthcare employees to access the information you need to make important decisions.

Healthcare providers in the Ottawa Valley and Toronto Metro Area have quickly realized the potential benefits of cloud computing.

Our Healthcare Cloud Services are replacing traditional healthcare operations with technologies that provide:

Lower Costs:

Cloud services provide computing solutions at a lower cost than buying or licensing them on your own. And, cloud services are scalable according to your needs and can be deducted as an operating expense. You can store your confidential information in the Cloud at a fraction of the cost of housing it internally. This results in reduced capital expenses and reduced IT staffing needs as well.

Increased Security:

When you use cloud computing services from OnServe you can access your digital resources securely on demand, from anywhere you have an internet connection. Our Security as a Service (SecaaS) provides managed security services from the cloud on a monthly rental basis per user. It delivers total management of cloud security services like anti-virus/malware, security policies, and general administration. With continuous security updates, SecaaS services from OnServe ensure that your security software is maintained with the most current virus definitions and security updates.

Patient Privacy:

Cloud services use data centres that are typically more secure than in-house solutions. They protect against physical and digital threats with sophisticated methods that are maintained by expert IT staff. They employ hi-tech security controls and data encryption, so you’ll comply with PIPHA and PIPEDA regulations.

Increased Efficiency:

With cloud computing you can store massive amounts of data securely and access them quickly from anywhere you have an internet connection. Cloud services offer the ability to retrieve a much larger ecosystem of information and a wide range of services. You can even access data and services from your tablets, laptops or mobile devices. This allows you to do the research needed to produce the best treatment plans for your patients. The Cloud also facilitates the information sharing, and collaboration physicians and patients rely on today

Patient Compliance:

Patients can share vital information with you when making decisions and dealing with differential diagnoses. The Cloud provides new capabilities to help patients play a greater role in their healthcare. Your patients can also access web services that you develop for them to learn about their medical issues, so they can be part of their treatment plans. And when patients have knowledge, they’re more compliant.

Backup as a Service (BaaS and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS):

OnServe will ensure your data is backed up securely, always recoverable and quickly available. You won’t have to invest in or maintain your own disaster recovery environments. We’ll implement the right plan for you and ensure timely availability of your IT systems with minimal loss of data if a manmade or natural disaster occurs.

Analytic Capabilities:

Our cloud services can be used in conjunction with business intelligence solutions to improve patient assessments. This provides your healthcare staff with the capabilities they need to mitigate medical mistakes and minimize patient adverse events (PAEs).

Connectivity Channels for Telemedicine:

This eliminates the need to install complex technologies and allows for a connected model where you can seamlessly deliver healthcare to patients who are unable to visit your office. It offers the opportunity for patients to communicate and collaborate with your medical staff and be part of the management of their care.

Cloud Services from OnServe facilitate health maintenance, improve diagnoses, result in better case outcomes, and optimize healthcare delivery. Plus, they lower costs and provide more security than you can with onsite solutions.

Migrating to the Cloud Takes Knowledge and Expertise.

We will perform an in-depth assessment to identify which applications and services should be migrated to the Cloud. To fully benefit from cloud computing, we’ll sit down with you and develop a strategy that complements your business goals. Cloud solutions for healthcare organizations will continue to provide new and improved patient care capabilities, and cybersecurity as more advances are accomplished. We’ll help you take advantage of this.

OnServe will take care of your technology so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

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