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Five Cloud-Based Security Tools That Will Protect Your Business Effortlessly

Cloud SecurityProtecting your network is becoming more important than ever. Despite, what the size of your network is, hackers want access to it. Now, with modern technologies like software-as-a-service, or security-as-a-service it’s easier than ever to implement security strategies for your company.

These services are efficient and functional for any business because they don’t require any on-site hardware or software distribution, and maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the service provider limiting the need for an IT team. With these services, you simply pay the provider; click a few buttons, and presto! Your entire company can enjoy the benefits of security-as-a-service.

In the era of countless cyber threats, and even more solutions to those threats, there is no longer a reason to neglect or avoid the need for security and protection at your company.

Here is a look at five of the products that are available today:

  1. SilverSky

SilverSky is a cloud-based security provider. It offers email, monitoring and protection, network protection, and helps your company become HIPPA (health care) and PCI (online payments) compliant.

  1. Vaultive

Vaultive encrypts any data leaving the network. It sits between your network and the Internet without needing any on-premise hardware. The company helps people protect cloud-based services like Office 365 and Exchange.

  1. DocTrackr

DocTrackr is a security layer that works with file-sharing services such as Box and Microsoft Sharepoint. Once you send a document out of your system, you typically have no control of it anymore. DocTrackr however, reinstates your control and lets you set user privileges for each person you share a document with. It also tracks the views on your document, and allows you to “unshare” the document if you want.

  1. Proofpoint

Proofpoint focuses on the security of email with cloud-only services. It protects any incoming and outgoing data. While Proofpoint admits to storing your data, it promises that it does so only for the purpose of protecting against data loss, and that they do not have the keys to decrypt any of the information.

  1. Centrify

Centrify focuses on identity-management across many different devices and applications. It puts all of your employees and/or customers into one centrally controlled, secure, and monitored area. Centrify will protect your network through on-premise software, or cloud applications.

For more information on cloud-based security tools, feel free to give our team at Onserve a call. You can reach us at (877) 996-6622, or send us an email at sales@onserve.ca. Here at Onserve, we value the importance of choosing the right security tools for your business. 

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