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Don’t Get OWNED By The Next Cyber Hacker!

Cyberhacker MITNot Even the World’s Greatest Tech Institutes are Immune to Hacking

Recently, a mysterious Indian hacker compromised a sub domain of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  “Sahoo” restricted his digital mischief to some on-line graffiti posting,  “Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) g0t 0wned!!! Shocked???  Indian Hacker –Sadhoo- was here!!!”

No information was stolen during the course of the hack.

MIT was lucky.

Many organizations, companies and educational institutes attract ‘hacktivist’ attention by virtue of their prominence in society.   Hackers go after these entities for all sorts of reasons.  Some hackers attack organizations on political or philosophical grounds in order to make a “point”.  Others are much less noble, simply looking for that digital score of cash or data.  Still others are looking to thumb their nose at the establishment and make a name for themselves amongst their peers.

Whatever their motivation, one thing is clear:  you don’t want them messing in your playground!

Building an adequate defense against malicious attacks is a key responsibility of IT professionals.  Companies who are careless about their security policies and infrastructure may incur significant liability in the event of a data breach.

There are a number of steps a savvy company can take to better safeguard itself.  The right combination of hardware, software and information governance policy can help protect you from hackers and other digital ne’er do wells.  Properly constructed protections may also help shield your company from liability in the event of a breach.

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