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Dell Business Laptops vs. Consumer Grade Laptops

A Comparison Between Dell Business Laptops and Consumer Grade Laptops

Laptops have undoubtedly brought a lot of convenience in how people can handle their daily tasks. This has resulted in two major laptops; business laptops and consumers. As one of the most renowned laptop manufacturers, Dell, has earned a reputation for having one of the best laptops in the world. As a consumer, you may be torn between Dell business laptops and consumer-grade laptops. Both types offer different features that meet different needs.

It’s recommendable to seek help from an IT company in Kingston while choosing between these two types of laptops. Continue reading this post to learn more about Dell’s business and consumer-grade laptops.

Dell Business Laptops

What is a Dell Business Laptop?

Business laptops are specifically designed and intended for company use. They’re optimized for more prolonged active use and traveling. Therefore, they have better functionality compared with other options. Consequently, they have better power, speed, and power to keep up with up to a 40-hour workweek. Their laptop battery life, power, and speed are also more critical to support video conferencing demands and organizations to adopt new technologies.

Features of a Dell Business Laptop

Several unique features in a Dell business laptop make them ideal for a working environment. This means they should have a powerful, reasonably priced, portable laptop. The following are features of a Dell business laptop:


Many Dell business laptops are portable based on their design and weight. Ultra-portable options have a 9-13″ screen and weigh about 2.4 pounds. Other options have 11-15″ screens and weigh about 2.9 – 6.4 pounds.

Durability ‘

You should expect a business laptop to be durable since business people are always on the move. That’s why they have a metal casing to offer more durability than plastic ones. However, there are other options with rubber casing offering more durability.


You would expect a business laptop to have a bigger space. Many offer between 500 GB to 2 TB of space. Business people decide on the storage they need based on the amount of work they have. You will need more space to deal with high-resolution images, videos, and large files.

If you travel more frequently, you need a solid-state drive (SSD) drive. They have no moving parts, making them more durable, quicker, and resistant to overheating.

Battery Life

An excellent business laptop should last for a long time. Remember, many business people spend most of their time away from power sources. That’s why most business laptops last more than nine hours, about a full day of work after a single charge.


A business laptop should have a fast processor, integrated graphic cards, and multi-tabbed browsing capabilities. These features are suitable for their performance. They should also have better-performing RAM and superior graphics.

What is a Consumer Grade Laptop?

Consumer-grade laptops are inexpensive laptops meant for personal home usage. They are usually flasher with bigger touchpads and the ability to turn in 360-degree. They also come with several features to accommodate the diverse needs of their users.

Features of a Consumer Grade Laptop

Generally, consumer-grade laptops have various features to meet the diverse expectations of their users. So, you should expect lower-performing components than business-grade laptops. Some of the features of consumer-grade laptops are as follows:

  • Low storage capacity ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB
  • Low RAM capacity
  • Low processor capacity
  • Use of hard-disk drives (HDD)
  • Less than 8 hours of battery life

Difference Between Dell Business and Consumer Grade Laptops

Here are some of the primary differences between Dell business and consumer-grade laptops:

Business Laptops Have Better Hardware Components

Most business and consumer laptops have similar hardware components. However, business laptops have much better options than consumer-grade laptops. For instance, business laptops use a solid state hard drive which is better and more durable than the hard drive. Other features available in a business laptop include:

  • A webcam for video conferencing
  • Several USB ports with external devices
  • A biometric fingerprint reader
  • In-built 3G modem

These features allow business people to work from any place with ease.

Business Laptops are Durable

Business laptops have the design to withstand the rigours of the road. This means they have more metal casings while consumer laptops use plastic cases. They also include semi-ruggedized designs and shock-resistant features to protect the laptop from short drops. Their components, including keyboards and switches, are also built to withstand extensive use and accidental spills.

Business Laptops are More Secure than Consumer-grade

Biometric fingerprint scanners are practically standard features for business laptops. They are also typically built with software that efficiently manages and secures the devices. This keeps these laptops secure when stolen and combat cyber attacks against the business.

Consumer Laptops Have Unnecessary Software

Dell consumer-grade laptops are pre-loaded with trial software which can be unnecessary, excessive, and annoying. However, for business laptops, Dell pre-installs programs necessary for businesses rather than having lots of junk software. This does away with expenses and time that the IT department would have spent to do away with the junk programs and install useful ones.

More extended Warranty and Service for Business Laptops

Dell users expect their business laptops to last longer than consumer-grade laptops. Therefore, they have more extended warranties than consumer-grade laptops. You’ll likely find their warranties lasting up to three years instead of the one year used for consumer-grade laptops.


There’s a significant difference between the price of a consumer-grade and business laptop. These two laptops may have similar features, but their price may differ by a couple of hundreds of dollars. They can be quite expensive if you opt for those with many features and storage. The kind of configuration the business laptop has can also play a significant role n their expensiveness. For instance, the SSD storage drives available in many business laptops are more expensive than SSD options.

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Choosing between business laptops and consumer-grade laptops can be a challenging task. However, your choice depends on how well you understand your needs and the kind of features that suits you. Nothing beats the benefits of partnering with an IT company when deciding which computer is best suited for you. It also helps you deal with all IT issues you may encounter in your business.

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