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Security as a Service Solutions: Secure IT

Who is Providing You with 24/7 IT Security Management, Maintenance, and Monitoring? – Secure IT

Small to mid-size companies like yours are frequent victims of cyber attacks. Why? They are easier targets than corporations who have fortified their online assets. Security never ends. It’s not a static process. We’ll stay on top of your systems and the ever-changing world of technology – always one step ahead of threats and prepared to keep your business secure.

What About Legislative and Industry-Standards Compliance?

Compliance is all about preserving the privacy of your customer base. We will help you keep in line with industry guidelines and legislative mandates. Every day, we successfully navigate the compliance requirements of highly-regulated industry verticals. We’re confident that we have what it takes to help you move into compliance step by step or maintain your current compliant standing.

What Cybersecurity Options Does OnServe Offer Within Secure IT – Security as a Service Solutions?

Our Secure IT array of cybersecurity services have been carefully selected to work in harmony to deliver optimal protection for high-demand business processes. The following service elements fall within our Secure IT – Security as a Service Solutions. These are discussed in more detail further down the page.

Don’t know what cybersecurity services are best for your organization? Let us help. Call or email to begin a no-obligation conversation.

Secure IT – Assessments

Are your IT systems safe from attack? Are you able to protect sensitive information? If you can’t answer those two questions with positive certainty, then you need a professional IT security team to look over your systems and give you concrete answers to those two vital questions. OnServe’s security assessment shows you where you have vulnerabilities, identifies priorities, and gives you a roadmap for making the necessary changes that reduce risk. What is the pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT- Assessments?
  • Security Risk Report $499.00
  • Full Assessment Report starting at $899.00
Pricing varies with organization size and IT complexity. What About Monitoring After the Security Assessment? Organizations that want to stay protected can have their network monitored every day. Every time you make a change to the IT system, staffing, or organizational change, it can affect the overall security of your IT systems. Join the Secure IT Monitoring Program and stay protected and ahead of the curve. Our automated tools monitor the network and assess risk in real time. What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT Monitoring Program?
  • Real-time monitoring starting at $199.00/month
Pricing varies with organization size and IT complexity. Request A Quote

Secure IT – Security as a Service Packages

OnServe’s Security as a Service (SECaaS) is designed to provide businesses of all sizes a way to implement, maintain and manage the multiple layers of security required to reduce cyber risk – all within a monthly subscription payment model.
  • Security Assessments
  • Perimeter and Gateway Security
  • End-Point Protection for PC’s and Mobile Devices
  • Spam Filter and Email Protection
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery
  • Policy, Procedures, and Enforcement
  • Education for Everyone
What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT- Security as a Service Packages? Typically, you can get started in a Security as a Service package for:
  • $35.00/Computer
  • $99.00/Server
  • $15.00/Mobile Device
Pricing varies with organization size and IT complexity. Request A Quote

Secure IT – Perimeter/Gateway Security

Network security is complex, but your IT security doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve partnered with SonicWall to build a Security as a Service program that makes cybersecurity simple and affordable for you. What Does Secure IT – Perimeter/Gateway Security Include? Secure IT – Perimeter/Gateway Security includes the security appliances hardware (security enabled router/firewalls) as well as professional cybersecurity management and monitoring by our IT security specialists.
  • Certified Gateway Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention Technology
  • Web Control with Content Filtering
  • Zero-Day Threat Protection
We supply all the devices and subscriptions for all your locations and configure secure VPN between sites. We lifecycle your equipment, so it’s never obsolete! What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT – Perimeter/Gateway Security?
    • Location Size
    • Less than 10 Users
    • 10-50 Users
    • 50-100 Users
    • 100-150
    • 150-200
    • Typical Price
    • $50.00/Month
    • $89.00/Month
    • $100.00/Month
    • $140.00/Month
    • $180.00/Month
Pricing varies with organization size and IT complexity. Request A Quote

Secure IT – Wireless Access Point Security

The OnServe Wireless Network Security solution combines high-speed wireless technology with industry-leading, next-generation firewalls to provide you with enterprise-class network security and performance on your wireless network.
  • Security for Your Internal Workflow
  • Mobility for Your Employees within the Facility
  • Budgeted, Affordable Plans
  • Partitioned, Secure WiFi for Visitors and Guests
What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT – Wireless Access Point Security? Wi-Fi access point protection starts at $19.00/device. We assess your Wi-Fi coverage to determine how many access points you need for effective coverage. Request A Quote

Secure IT – End-Point Security

Installing antivirus software is not enough to ensure your security. That’s why we’ve introduced our antivirus and malware monitoring service. You get industry-leading Trend Micro antivirus protection bundled with our malware management and monitoring service. Does your current IT security solution do all this?
  • Eliminate Security Gaps Across Any User Activity
  • Deal with Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Across All Endpoints
  • Deliver Protection Across Multiple Security Layers
  • Constantly Evolve to Find New Threats
What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT- End-Point Security?
Protection for Servers, PCs and Mobile Devices) Unmanaged We provide software and access to a cloud portal for self-management by you or your IT team. Managed OnServe manages your cloud console and alerts you for issues and infections. Monthly reports on virus activity are provided.
Monthly Price $4.59/Device $14.95/Device
Quantity breaks and service options are also available. Contact us for a quote. Request A Quote

Secure IT – Email Protection

Most hacks and infections result from links and attachments found in your email. Therefore, eliminating unwanted and infected email is the most effective way of minimizing the risk of being infected. Our email filtering services are affordable and the most cost-effective way for you to reduce your risk of infection. What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT Email Protection? Email Protection (Spam Filter) starting at $2.85/Mailbox Quantity breaks and service options are also available. Contact us for a quote. Request A Quote

Secure IT – Mobile Device Security

Improve the security of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives by enforcing data encryption, remotely wiping lost devices, and even restricting network access to managed devices. OnServe MDM (Mobile Device Management) has built-in support for BYOD, making it easy to securely support BYOD — without extra appliances, licenses, or complex configuration. OnServe’s Mobile Systems Manager provides over-the-air centralized management, diagnostics, and monitoring for both fleet and BYOD mobile devices.
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Androids
  • Windows Phones and Tablets
  • Macs
  • PCs
The Mobile Systems Manager Gives You Full Control!
  • Monitor each device
  • Discover useful metrics
  • Remotely lock and erase devices
  • Enforce policies across mobile devices
  • Protect devices and their data
  • Control device usage with fine-grained passcode policies
  • Restrict access to the app store, gaming, and content
What is the Pricing for OnServe’s Secure IT – Mobile Device Security?
Mobile protection Basic Device Management Mobile Security Bundle Enterprise Mobile Security Bundle
Monthly Price $5.00/Device $15.00/Device $25.00/Device
Quantity breaks and service options are also available. Contact us for a quote. Request A Quote

Secure IT – Cybersecurity Training – End Users

While hardening your network is essential in security management, helping staff identify and make the right choice when a threat is encountered is mission critical. Giving your staff knowledge about today’s cyber-threats helps them understand what actions they need to take (and what actions they need to avoid) to keep the network secure. We provide training for staff that can be delivered in person or online. We can even customize content to include a review of corporate policies around computer use and security.
  • Live On-Line Instructor Lead
  • In-Class Instructor Lead
  • Online
To learn more about our employee cybersecurity training and employee training pricing, visit www.learningbrick.ca Request A Quote