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Networking Solutions: Connect IT

We Offer Four Networking Services to Help You be More Productive

Your Network is the Backbone of Your Operations. – Is it Modern and Efficient?

Tired of slow speeds and internet downtime? Want to know how your competition is getting things done more quickly? – – They’re not held up by slow connections that DRIVE DOWN productivity and DRIVE UP labour costs. Get something more than good-enough internet. Move to a great network that securely connects your sites, and gives you guaranteed bandwidth all day long!

Connect IT – Fiber optic Features

Losing connectivity to the head office or having busy-time slowdowns? These certainly aren’t helping you realize the benefits of the cloud. You need your connection to be working full-throttle, all day. Your business needs fiber-optic connectivity that runs at the speed of today’s global economy. Get speeds of up to 1000Mbps, with a fully redundant, fiber-optic backbone. We offer you: WORK UNINTERRUPTED! Without fast, dependable information systems and communications, your company is losing out. Through a partnership with Canada’s best networks, we layer in professional design, configuration, and management – enabling you to stay working without interruptions and slowdowns. We monitor for bandwidth issues and unusual activities. This non-intrusive monitoring allows us to detect and fix issues before they impact your business. Request A Quote

Connect IT – Point to Point Wireless

Looking to connect your building using point to point wireless? Get reliable and fast wireless connectivity between buildings and sites without the added cost of extra internet and line charges. OnServe’ s Connect IT services include design, installation, and management of your interoffice connection. We make it easy! We install and configure all the cables, network devices, and towers for optimal performance based on your data needs. Request A Quote

Connect IT – High Density Wireless for Multi Device Performance

High Density wireless solutions allow you to connect many wireless devices in smaller areas throughout your building – like conference rooms, meeting facilities, and recreational facilities. If you thought that an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi access point could support large numbers of Wi-Fi devices, you’re going to be in for a surprise, and you’re going to be answering to a crowd of unhappy guests! Your clients, fans, and visitors want to stay connected all the time. – – Let’s face it, it’s a mobile world! The OnServe team of engineers will assess your space and engineer your Wi-Fi solution so that users will have a great experience — no slowdowns, no connection issues, just fast, secure network access. Request A Quote

Connect IT – VPN Network Management

Having trouble with your existing VPN network or looking to leverage the advantages of a Virtual Private Network for the first time? We’d be happy to help you make those important decisions. Our team focuses on the long-term viability, stability, and security of the VPN Networks that we implement and maintain. No detail is left to chance. The result is a network that allows for safe and encrypted workflow across public network infrastructure. Request A Quote