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Your Coffee Is Way Too Hot!

And Other Essentials You Should Know About Computer Support In Belleville, ON.

Computer Support Belleville, ONCoffee is supposed to be served between 71.1 and 85 degrees Celsius. It’s not difficult to hit this mark. Most coffee makers are built to deliver your hot beverage in this temperature range.

So, why have we seen incidents of customers suing businesses – most notably McDonald’s – for serving coffee so hot that it scalded them when accidentally spilled?

It’s simple.

Someone within these organizations decided that they could keep their coffee hotter longer if it were put into the customer’s cup hotter in the first place.

It was bad advice.

Everyone knows that now, and I’m sure that the coffee you make here in your Bellville, ON business for your employees isn’t so hot that you could deep fry a chicken in it.

So, you’ve got a handle on coffee temperature.


One vital technology detail down – (Coffee is important!) – a hundred to go.

While coffee isn’t the MOST important element of outsourced business technology support, it does keep our technicians alert in the long hours while they take care of the updates, upgrades, patches, backups, and cybersecurity checks of businesses across Bellville, ON.

So, since your employees already enjoy coffee brewed and served at the perfect temperature, let’s move on…

What Should You Know About Computer Support In Belleville, Ontario?

Computer Support Essential #1 – Don’t jump on the “hot new technology bandwagon” right away.

It’s tempting to run out to the big box store and pick up the latest computer, tablet, smartphone, or gadget. It’s simple to open your browser, put in your credit card information, and buy a cloud-based application that looks cool.

But before you waste your money – and more importantly, your time – you should talk with an IT consultant that understands how technology supports the workflow of your industry and where technology innovation can aid your business in its growth objectives.

Not every new technology is appropriate for your workflow and may cause greater inefficiency or worse, insecurity.

By taking the time to build a relationship with and having a conversation with a professional IT consultant about what features you like about the new technology, you open your business up to other possibilities that may be more beneficial.

Computer Support Essential #2 – Don’t get left out in the cold. – Implement a Business Continuity strategy to keep your business running in negative unexpected circumstances.

What are you and your Belleville employees going to do if an unexpected disaster – extended power outage, fire, flood, storm, criminal act – takes out the network, servers, and computers at your business?

If you don’t have a backup and recovery plan in place that includes both your data and the applications you depend on each day to get work accomplished, you’re out in the cold and so are your employees.

By partnering with a professional IT support company and implementing a business continuity strategy, you can get your business running again – and your employees working again – regardless of the negative unexpected circumstances that may impact your facility.

Computer Support Essential #3 – Don’t be lukewarm about cybersecurity.

IT security is a hot topic right now, and you can’t be indifferent toward the danger.


Because never before have we seen such a spike in adware, malware, trojan horses, ransomware, and spyware. Cybercrime syndicates are spending millions of dollars every year to make billions off of unsecured businesses worldwide. Even rogue nation-states have gotten in on the illegal action.

It used to be that the big businesses were their targets, but big business has hardened its defenses and is no longer an easy target.

So the criminals have done the easy thing.

They’ve moved on to small to mid-size businesses.

What are they stealing?

Sure, banking info is one thing, but the big money is in information that they can steal and resell on the dark web – information about you, your business, and your clients.

So, it’s clear that you just can’t afford to be lukewarm about cybersecurity. By partnering with a Belleville company like OnServe you can improve your security posture, guard your data and network, and give your employees the ability to do business online with confidence.

Computer Support Essential #4 – Don’t be fooled by “hot deals” and big promises.

Computer support is a science. True IT professionals don’t make promises that they cannot keep or promote cheap deals that are unsustainable in the long run. Instead, IT services companies work diligently to provide a secure and efficient technology foundation to support your company’s daily workflow and goals.

What’s the old saying?

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

Professional IT support personnel will deliver seamless remote and on-site IT support and helpdesk services for an easily-budgeted monthly subscription payment. That payment is an investment in your productivity and ultimately, your profit. But if you’re talking to a computer-fix-it guy that’s promising you the world for little or nothing, run away quickly! You’ll get what you pay for, and your business will suffer as a result.

Computer Support Essential #5 – Warm up to these essential IT services.

While we have already talked about the importance of cybersecurity, business continuity, managed services, and IT consulting, they are not the only services you should be looking for when investigating new IT partners for your Belleville business. Here’s a short-list of IT services essentials for your comparison shopping.

A Word of Caution: There are a lot of great people here in Belleville. Some of those fantastic friends and neighbours run computer support businesses – usually, a one-man shop or a team focused on residential networks and consumer computer repair. While they are great businesses and a benefit to our community, they likely aren’t the right IT support team for a business that is looking to grow. Why? Because a company with serious growth objectives needs an experienced IT support team that has the capacity to support that business as they scale.

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