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Client Feedback

"OnServe provides a professional, timely level of IT support that we appreciate! We can rest easy knowing our IT issues are always taken care of; and we would recommend them to other small municipalities. They provide all of the benefits of a full-time IT department at a fraction of the cost."

Angela Lochtie | Treasurer

Township of McNab Braeside

"We went with OnServe and we’ve been very happy."

Shelley Vanderschuit | Business Manager

Prescott Animal Hospital

"OnServe continues to be a valued provider of secure and stable network services that enable our staff to get their jobs done. I highly recommend them."

Paul Vickers | Vice-President of Finance & Administration


"By engaging OnServe to handle our computer support we have been able to focus our time on our business knowing that the computer issues are handled effectively and efficiently."

Brent Wilson CA, Partner

Collins Barrow SEO LLP Chartered Accountants

"One of their strengths was the experience they had with other municipalities. They understood our specific needs, and we knew they would be the best to manage those needs, to bring experience that we could learn from."

Tammy Hurlbert | Representative

Municipality of Grenville

"The one thing I do find is that if they don’t find a solution for you at the time, they work on it until they do… sometimes we’ll have a question about a program, for instance. Is there a way we could do this or that? They’ll find the answer, and they’re always quick to respond."

Louise McLaughlin | Deputy Clerk

Deep River

"Previously we had had a casual, on call IT provider. The Township had come to realize that what was needed was a more dedicated and proactive approach to our IT management. OnServe was able to reorganize our existing technology, as well as provide a plan for hardware replacement. OnServe also acts on behalf of the Township to deal directly with third party suppliers for issues related to software problems and internet connectivity issues. They provide on call support staff that is available via phone and email with quick response times. The support staff is never condescending when dealing with non tech savvy staff. Recently OnServe has taken over installation of software updates from our vendors, which occur regularly and were previously very difficult to process. OnServe also recommended and implemented an offsite back up system that ensures we would be able to recover data in the event of a loss of hardware. OnServe is a perfect solution for municipalities or businesses which do not have the manpower for a dedicated IT staff, but rely on computers for daily operations."

Melanie Kirkby | Director of Finance, Treasurer

Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley