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OnServe Solves Major Challenge Facing CIOs In Kingston

OnServe Solves Major Challenge Facing CIOs In Kingston

CIOs this year will change gears from focusing on the near-term IT needs of the COVID-19 pandemic economy to driving a long-term view of innovation and technology. According to Gartner’s latest worldwide spending report, IT spending will hit the $4.5 trillion mark. This will denote a 5.1% increase from the 2021 figure. The increase in IT spending will be fuelled by the economic recovery and high expectations for digital recovery, despite the uncertainty brought about by the Omicron variant.

This year, wage inflation, scarcity of IT skills and a war for IT talent will push CIOs to rely more on managed service providers (MSPs) and consultancies to pursue their digital strategies. The war for talent is a crucial battleground for CIOs. This is the case, especially given the increasing amount of work that needs to be accomplished.

Unfortunately, CIOs are disadvantaged when looking for top talent, since there are better opportunities and more money for top IT talent. CIOs will therefore be forced to offer extended contract periods and outsource more to optimize the productivity of their existing staff. Gartner forecasts that the IT services market will have the second-highest spending growth in 2022, hitting the $1.3 trillion mark, a 7.9% increase from 2021. This spending growth will only trail enterprise software, projected to have an 11% year-over-year increase.

OnServe Solves Major Challenge Facing CIOs In Kingston

How OnServe Helps Kingston CIOs Solve the Talent Shortage Crunch

1. Focus on Core Objectives

As your business expands, so do your IT needs. Given the prevailing IT talent shortage, your in-house team may be overwhelmed by the increased workload. This may impact the productivity of your internal team.

What we have observed with most of our clients is that the most successful CIOs recognize the current IT staff typically has a vast knowledge of the business’s internal applications and processes. As such, having those employees handle infrastructure management, maintenance, and level 1 end-user support tasks is a big waste of that knowledge. It also provides little room for career growth and often increases the chances of losing your best staff to a more attractive position elsewhere.

By shifting the IT tasks that don’t move the needle for your business to an MSP, you’ll free your employees to focus on core IT tasks for which they are best suited. It will also enable you to fill the gaps as the need arises. A proven MSP will provide you with flexible service models that allow you to determine the level of service you require, whether that means outsourcing part of your IT tasks or outsourcing your business’s entire IT department.

2. Get Expertise on New Technology

New technology means new challenges that your internal team may find difficult to solve. Internal IT departments, with their limited staffing capacity, and minimal exposure to what they are used to, often find it difficult to stay on top of the latest technology and security trends.

One of our advantages as an MSP is that we are exposed to many systems and platforms across our wide range of customers. This provides us with the expertise and experience to properly guide our customers in the right direction based on their goals.

An in-house IT team may need to be familiarized and trained on how to use a new platform, whereas an MSP would likely have conducted several deployments of the system. Therefore, they are better placed to bring a real-world experience that will save time and resources in the long run.

3. Keep Costs Low

From a cost point of view, one of the clear benefits of partnering with an MSP is that it reduces labour costs and eliminates the cost of hiring and training new IT staff. OnServe gives you the ability to have IT skills on a scalable basis. Best of all, since you’ll sign a service-level agreement, you won’t have to worry about unexpected service costs. This allows your business to shift from a capital expense approach to an operational expense approach.

4. Adhere to IT Compliance Requirements

If there’s one thing that you can count on data compliance regulations to do, it is that they will change. New laws, regulations, and compliance measures are constantly emerging in this new world that’s hyper-focused on customer privacy and data security. Fortunately, MSPs can help keep your business compliant.

Different organizations are bound by different compliance regulations – for instance, healthcare providers are tied to HITECH and HIPAA regulations, and government agencies abide by CJIS. CIOs of such organizations can benefit from partnering with a reputable IT service provider. This is because MSPs have better maintenance and reporting tools and are much more thorough at handling core infrastructure and support functions while at the same time keeping up with the ever-changing compliance laws. Therefore, your in-house IT team will be better positioned to focus on the big picture rather than worry about violating various compliance regulations.

5. Round the Clock Support

By partnering with OnServe, CIOs need not worry about availability given that we offer 24/7 flexibility, on-call options, and weekend support. If someone goes on vacation or falls sick, you know that you’re covered. Suppose you’re starting from scratch with few to no IT staff; we can be your IT staff, ensuring that your IT needs are met. Rather than putting all the pressure on your limited internal staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that there’s a dedicated team of experts at your disposal whenever you need them. In case a disaster strikes, you need not worry because you are not on your own; you have a partner to guide you through it.

Discover the Benefits of an MSP by Partnering With OnServe

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