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Shared Protect Program

What’s Included in Manage IT Shared Protect? Get a program structured around the skills you already have! Manage IT Shared Protect is a fully-customised approach to supporting your internal IT personnel. We assess the service need based on defined gaps in your current support services and then customize our services to fill any gaps. We … Read more

Work from Anywhere Using Microsoft Office 365 Apps

Have you ever been in a position where you are supposed to work on an assignment or important document but you forgot your laptop or cannot access your desktop? That can be frustrating, but thanks to Microsoft, as long as you can access the internet on your phone or even tablet, you can easily resume … Read more

Microsoft Reveals Innovative Features for Its New Outlook 2018

The new features in Outlook are designed to help users save time and be more productive. Since we spend so much time writing and answering emails, this is one area where most of us would love to be able to get done faster. Microsoft designed Outlook with lots of thought and effort. In addition, they … Read more

Best Email Apps For Small Business Owners Who Use iPhone

Communication is definitely made more accessible as a result of technology. Unlike previous years where people placed heavy reliance on letters and messengers, currently, people can communicate at the tap of a button. Communication is essential in any business. For people to know what is required of them in the business environment, for suppliers to … Read more

Internet Security a Top Priority, Experts Claim

Experts in the tech world are giving their input on what is planned by state and local Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in terms of security for all of today’s technology. For so long, technology has existed and yet the public has taken its security for granted. But, sometime last year, giants of industry like Cisco … Read more