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IT Project Management Services

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IT Project Management to Plan, Monitor and Maintain Your Information Technology Projects

Tomorrow’s success is going to be determined by decisions that you make today.

The decision to outsource IT project management is a good one.

  • Project Design and Plan
  • Outsourced Expertise
  • Adherence to Timelines
  • Project Vendor Management
  • Staying on Budget
  • Outcome-oriented Leadership

Cloud & Mobile Platforms

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    Cloud Migration

    It’s difficult to make sense of all the cloud options and determine what’s best. Everyone’s needs are different, and our approach is to design a solution that fits. Our engineers are experts at finding the best fit!

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    Mobile Applications

    Workforce productivity today means having access to your apps and data anywhere, anytime. Get the right technology and applications to support your workflows on any device – whether you are using Remote Desktops or utilizing productivity solutions like Office 365 that keep you connected.

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    Project Management

    If you’re like most small businesses, you’re maybe a little afraid to make any technology changes. Maybe it’s time to try another IT vendor, one that has project process experience. We’ve invested in people and processes to make projects run on time and without all the interruptions. Eliminate the hassles and frustrations of working with typical hardware vendors and get things done right and on time!

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    Virtualized Desktops and Servers

    Virtualization has revolutionized the way we provision, deploy, and manage servers and desktops. Virtualization reduces the cost of owning and managing technology and provides superior fault tolerance and recovery options. Considering a technology refresh? You should be considering how virtualization can benefit your project!

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    Mobile Device Management

    Protecting sensitive data is a real concern these days, and mobile technology isn’t making it any easier!
    While you expect your people to stay connected, you expose sensitive data on both corporate and personal devices.
    Securing that data is the responsibility of the organization, and without mobile device management, you’re leaving yourself exposed!

Infrastructure Life Cycling

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    Technology Assessments

    Feel like your technology is running you, and not the other way around? You probably need a plan, and the best way to make improvements is through better information. Make sense of your current systems, document the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then build a roadmap to success!

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    Storage Provisioning

    Storage needs continue to grow and grow. Finding the best way to store that data can save you money and time. Not all data is the same, and therefore the cost associated with storing should also varies. Let us engineer the solution that gives you continuous access to business-critical data, while lowering the cost of storing the data that you access intermittently or just need to archive.

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    Whether you’re moving to the cloud or moving from one server to another, we have expertise and tools to make it fast and easy!

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    Microsoft Servers, ActiveDirectory, Exchange, SQL,SharePoint

    Microsoft is the core server operating system for both on-premise and cloud-based servers. We have Certified Microsoft Server professionals to help you lifecycle your technology when the time is right.

  • consolidation

    Consolidation and Virtualization

    Virtualization has revolutionized the way we provision, deploy and manage servers and desktops. This reduces the cost of owning/managing technology and provides better fault tolerance and recovery options. Considering a technology refresh? You should be considering how virtualization can benefit your project!

Network & Security

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    Cyber Security Assessment

    Not sure how well protected you are from cyber threats and hackers? Take the first step with a Security Assessment and learn where you have vulnerabilities. We have invested in people, process, and tools that deliver the facts about your security position. Get tough on hackers and cybercriminals by taking this first step!

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    Security Roadmaps and Planning

    With a security assessment in hand, it’s time to plan and set some priorities. Our risk-based roadmap shows your current risk levels and recommends a course of action. Get a roadmap to a more secure future.

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    Disaster Recovery andBusiness Continuity

    You can never be 100% secure, and the best protection against cyber threats and disaster is having a good backup and recovery solution. Unfortunately, small businesses fail when it comes to recovering critical business data because of data backup failures! Even though backups are automated, they fail often, so we build in checks to alert you when they stop.

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    Network Equipment & Security

    Get industry-leading gear to support your network availability and ensure better uptime and performance. We partner with leading vendors like HPE, SonicWALL, and Cisco to provide cost-effective and secure network equipment.

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    Security Software

    Antivirus, Malware, and Spam protection software are essential components of a multilayered defence. Making sure they stay installed and up to date can be a challenge. Let us help you build out a platform that makes sure your equipment stays protected and provides alerts when you need to act!

What is the Pricing of Project Management Services from OnServe?

Call us to consult on your next project and we’ll give you an estimate up front!

What Makes OnServe the Right Choice for IT Project Management?

The OnServe team brings the best to the table.

  • We’ve been laying out projects for over thirty years!
  • We have IT consultants with business savvy.
  • Our project managers know how to help you estimate an appropriate budget for your project.
  • Our business IT specialists know how to integrate the current project with your internal workflow for a seamless transition.
  • We work with respect and friendliness toward your employees and internal IT support staff.