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Protect Yourself With OnServe’s Backup and Business Continuity Strategy!

Don’t Let Disaster Turn Your Business Into A Sad Statistic!

Protect Yourself With OnServe’sBackup and Business Continuity Strategy!

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When you hear the word “disaster,” you probably think of something like a flood, a major fire, or a blizzard closing down the roads. But your business is far more likely to suffer from everyday mishaps:

  • A spilled cup of Timmy’s on an important computer
  • An unexpected power outage from construction up the street
  • An employee accidentally deleting that important file hours before a presentation

And every minute operations are down because of an IT disaster costs time, money, and your hard-won reputation. In fact, in 2013, 3 out of 4 Ontario businesses that lost more than 50% of their data during disaster ended up closing their doors within six months!
Even little disasters can still set your business back in a big way. That’s why you MUST protect yourself with a Backup and Business Continuity Solution from OnServe.

  • Creating a recovery plan for you and your staff to follow during disaster
  • Focusing on restoring your most important operations first
  • Backing up all your important data, so you can easily restore apps and records at the press of a button
  • Enabling employees to work remotely during disaster, so operations aren’t stopped

Whether you need to restore a single lost file or rebuild your entire network on new computers in a new office, we’ll be there to make it simple, make it fast, and make it work.

Get your backup and business continuity solution before it’s too late! For the next 30-days, OnServe will provide a free evaluation AND a special price of $89.95 per month/per device for backup and recovery – installation included. Call 877-996-6622 or email us at info@onserve.ca to sign up and take advantage of this fantastic, limited-time offer!