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Apple’s iPhone Trade-in Program Just Got a Little Sweeter

iphone trade inApple’s new trade-in program might just help cut-down costs for those who have bad luck keeping their iPhones in perfect condition. They are hoping to achieve an increase in sales by allowing iPhone users to trade in their damaged iPhones (5s and up) for an upgrade rather than a standard screen repair.

Apple has stated that they might see a decrease in revenue for the first time in approximately 13 years. This is your chance to take advantage and get that upgrade you’ve wanted for less.

Their current Reuse and Recycle program only allows you to trade in older models that are in good condition, no cracked displays, broken cameras or buttons. But now, that’s about to change.

With the new iPhone 7 being released this fall, many will want to jump on the bandwagon and upgrade their phones, and now even if they have damage, you can still be eligible for credits towards the purchase of a newer model:

  • $50 for damaged iPhone 5s,
  • $200 for damaged iPhone 6,
  • $250 for damaged iPhone 6s, and
  • Up to $500 for undamaged 6s.

In some cases, your trade-in can result in cheaper subsidies and financing plans with your new credits. Note, these trade-ins do not apply to online trades. Apple is also jumpstarting a new program that will allow Apple retail stores to install plastic screen protectors on iPhones in the back of the store.

If the machine results in an error placing the protector on your iPhone, they will offer you a free screen protector replacement and re-attempt the installation.

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