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Successful Accounting Firms in Ontario Recommend You Give Us a Try

What’s better than a word-of-mouth recommendation from a professional in your line of business? If you own or manage an accounting firm in the Ottawa Valley or outside of Toronto, Canada, here’s one for you from McDonald Thorne & Associates (MTA), a Canadian chartered accountancy and consulting firm:

“We’re really happy being partnered with OnServe. The last few years have been amazing because we’ve gotten used to being able to call them with any issue. Other accounting firms should get on board with them. They’re really good at understanding what the industry needs tech wise. They know the industry-wide standards. We’ll always recommend OnServe to others in our industry.”

Why You Can Count on OnServe for All Your IT Needs.

A well-designed and managed IT network will increase your accounting firms’ productivity, security, and efficiency. The Accounting IT Specialists at OnServe can do this for you. We can continually monitor and backup your IT systems to prevent downtime and exploits like ransomware. And we can set up a hybrid or private cloud, so you can benefit from a system that’s protected and accessible from anywhere 24/7. This ensures that you and your employees can work from wherever you are.

Our Accounting IT professionals will:

  • Help you comply with Ontario’s financial regulations.
  • Provide 24/7 access to your data and IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure your data is backed up properly and always accessible.
  • Continuously monitor your system for computer viruses and malware.
  • Apply software patches, so you don’t have to.
  • Provide service and support with our 24/7 Help-Desk.
  • Continuously monitor your network and prevent IT problems before they create downtime.
  • Use Mobile Device Management to prevent workers from leaving your employment with confidential financial data.
  • Provide cost-effective IT solutions and support from professionals who understand what you do.
  • Reduce costs for hardware and software.
  • Ensure you can use the most current applications without you paying for expensive equipment and software licenses.
  • Implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions.
  • Provide IT Strategic Planning, C-Level Reporting, and Guidance.

Our professionals understand the industry standards and best practices for CPAs in Ontario. They will install and maintain technology solutions to improve your operational functions and security. We do this for many accounting firms throughout the GTA and Ottawa Valley.

OnServe professionals are versed in the latest IT software solutions you use every day, including:

  • ProSystems fx: Tax, Document, Engagement, Practice Management
  • BNA Income Tax Planner
  • Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Tools
  • SuperForm Tax Forms
  • QuickBooks
  • Lacerte
  • GoFileRoom

We know that you use a number of different applications and associated databases to conduct business. And because these applications are updated constantly, your designated IT experts will stay up to date on changes. They’ll also ensure that all your software is kept up-to-date and that your data is and backed up, so it can be recovered quickly if necessary.


Due to the nature of your business, preserving confidential data and financial information security is a high-priority issue for you. We’ll defend your technology 24/7 with:

  • Network Security Monitoring—This is a proactive form of IT defence that protects your wired and wireless networks and computers.
  • Email and Spam Protection—We’ll keep your emails private and secure, both when in transit and in storage.
  • IT Risk Management that runs on an ongoing basis to mitigate and block any cyber intrusions.
  • Vulnerability Assessments that test your network for security gaps that hackers can exploit.
  • Regulatory Compliance Services to ensure your accounting firm will pass a regulatory audit.
  • Security Awareness Training for your employees so they can detect phishing scams and know what to do if they receive one.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has greatly enhanced how CPA firms in Ontario function. Cloud computing will increase your security and productivity.

You and your staff can securely access services, software, and information from the vast resources on the Cloud. And when relying on the Cloud for data storage, not only does it support your business continuity if your data is lost or damaged, but it provides for the storing and sharing of vast amounts of data (Big Data).

Accounting firms are realizing an increasing need to invest in technology that’s designed to secure and protect their clients’ information, and the Cloud provides for this. Today’s IT experts agree that storing data in the right cloud service is actually safer than being stored in onsite devices. Our professionals can help you do this.

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way the accounting industry does business today.

Benefits include:

  • Ongoing software updates, so everyone in your firm uses the most up-to-date version of software.
  • Automatic data backups to a secure cloud service.
  • The ability to comply with regulatory requirements by using off-site backups.
  • Easy access to applications and data from anywhere you or your staff have an internet connection.
  • Secure access to your data from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, not just from your desktop computers.
  • The ability for staff to collaborate in real-time on projects.
  • Self-provisioning of data, so users have instant access to the latest information rather than having to email each other for data requests.

With cloud computing, you won’t need to worry about costly IT downtime. OnServe commits to 99.5% uptime with complete data security. Cloud services also allow for continual backups and disaster recovery, so your critical data and functions are protected 24/7 under any circumstance.

Cloud services also allow you to scale up or down easily as it’s on a pay-by-user basis. You can add or delete seats, applications or storage at any time. You can also run e-commerce, CRM, or ERP applications globally or on a local scale – and in less time that it would take to prepare software and servers onsite.

Our Accounting IT Experts can migrate your technology to the Cloud. This isn’t easy and should only be performed by professionals. We’ll get you up and running without a big investment in hardware or software. All you need are your computers and internet access to get going.

OnServe provides the innovative, affordable technology services and support that accounting firms like yours need.

We hope you’ll take our clients’ advice and give us a try to find out for yourself.

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