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6 Common IT Problems

6 Common IT Problems and Their Impact on Businesses Key Points: The ever-changing landscape of technology leads to new IT problems every day. Businesses must be proactive to stay ahead of the curve regarding IT problems. Businesses can avoid major disruptions by being aware of the common issues and implementing the appropriate solutions. Information Technology … Read more

Progressive Web App (PWA) Replaces Microsoft Teams Linux Client

Progressive Web App (PWA) Replaces Microsoft Teams Linux Client Microsoft has announced that it will replace the Teams desktop client for Linux with a Progressive Web App (PWA) by December 2022. The company has not clarified when it will be offering the PWA, but it is expected to have it released before December. The company … Read more

Data Classification Matters And Records Management

Why Data Classification Matters for Records Management Success Key Points: Records management (RM) is the administration of digital or paper records. It includes the creation, maintenance, and destruction of records. RM aims to ensure that records are created and maintained to facilitate their retrieval and use while ensuring their authenticity, integrity, and reliability. Data classification … Read more

Raising Awareness of Digital Risks

Raising Awareness of Digital Risks: What Businesses Need to Know Key Points: Rapid technological advancement has led to new risks that businesses must now face. There are many steps businesses can take to mitigate these risks, but they need to be aware of them first. Ignoring these risks can lead to serious business consequences, including … Read more

The Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop Remote App Streaming

The Benefits of AVD Remote App Streaming: Why You Should Stream Your Apps Key Points: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop app streaming can help reduce latency and improve performance when using apps on a remote device. AVD can help improve the quality of your app experience by providing a consistent connection and reducing buffering. AVD can … Read more